flip pal moblie scanner
The nice people at FlipPal sent me one of their nifty little mobile scanners for review. (full disclosure: I was not paid for a review but they did send me a scanner for review purposes)
I got this little scanner and then it sat in my studio for months. I am embarrassed to say. I kept looking at it and thinking.... was it going to be hard to learn, would I have to install software etc etc. 

I had lots of excuses why I should wait to test it. 

Finally one day my mom was lamenting about how all of our old photos were fading but many of them are too delicate to take out of the photo albums and the albums are also thick and bulky and won't fit in her scanner. ta da!! FlipPal to the rescue! 

Here's one of our very old albums with photos of my grandma. We can't take the photos out of the album because they are glued in and we risk tearing the photos. The album is also so creeky and old that when you try to flip it over to scan on a regular scanner it starts to tear at the pages as well. 

One of the best things about FlipPal is that you can scan photos while they are still in the album. And was it easy to use? Completely 100% easy. I promise. I didn't even read the directions for more than just a second and I had it. Pop off the lid, place the scanner face-down and press the big green button. 

Here is the FlipPal scanning the album ... watch out for the kittens trying to help. Brian cat was mesmerized by the scanning sound. 

Now was there going to be any software to install? I hate installing software on my mac because I don't like to crowd it up with things I might not use again. 

Well the best part about the Flip Pal is  NO software. 

You scan till your heart's content, then you put the memory card into this USB stick, put the USB stick into your computer and you can either open it up like a regular USB drive and look at the files, move them into photoshop, or you can open them up into iphoto (on mac). Fabulous!!! 

Here's the finished scan! Beautiful!! Now I am wondering what took me so long, I am in love with this little scanner!


I've had mine for a year and really like it, great value!
Wow! Thanks for sharing. I will have to get one for myself! Xoxo Inieka
Thanks for the review of this neat scanner! Brian cat looks hilarious so intent on the scanning! Definitely a curious kitty!
What a nifty little device
This is exactly what I need for a workshop that I am teaching next month. Thanks!
I'd never heard of this before - thank you for showing us! And so simple even Brian can use it!!!
Love this and missing you... must get me one of these little guys. Have a great time at CHA!
OMGosh, I don't need this, but I NEED this, KWIM? Oh, and if Brian Ct is ever missing, you know where to look for him. :D
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