on my nightstand
On my nightstand are two books by Danny Gregory. He’s the Author of  An Illustrated Life and Creative License.

Travel reading for my flight home

Danny is best known for his book Everyday Matters which he talks about how he started sketching as a way to cope when his wife was in a terrible accident that left her a paraplegic.

The focus of all his books is getting people to sketch/journal about their lives as a way of recording/journaling and mediation.

It’s a topic that keeps coming up for me. I want to sketch/journal on a regular/daily basis but then I never get around to it. "real work" gets in the way etc. Well this year I am determined to make it a habit. You'll be hearing more on myblog later about that!

If you like the idea of bringing more sketching into your life, check out this free ebook from Michael Nobbs (who also struggles with chronic fatigue like me!). What I love about his web site and blog is that he shows how to work art into your daily life in tiny and manageable amounts. Sign up for his newsletter for lots of good tips too!


I love Creative License; didn't know about Everyday Matters or his wife's accident. Very inspiring author!
Wow, Claudine, I didn't know you were a sister sufferer. And I followed both Danny and Michael for years, then sort of fell off-line for awhile (you can relate, I bet) -- thanks for the reminder pointers.

I'm impressed at your energy in class. Now even more so.
I'm sad to learn you struggle with chronic fatigue. Have you tried giving up gluten (from wheat and related grains)? That seems to help a lot of people and trying it is certainly not dangerous. (BTW, I finally traced my years of bouts of fatigue -- not actual CFS -- to an intolerance to eating eggs.)
Sorry u have engery issues too. I had Epstein Barr in the mid 90's and have never felt the same since. I find doing online class less draining because I can pace myself. Live classes I work on adrenaline and then crash for days when I get home! My biggest problem is pushing myself until I get exhautsed. Michael also talks about the importance of that on his blog. Good stuff.
Anon - will check out your article. I don't eat eggs but you never know!!
Hi Claudine! Since childhood elementary school art classes, I've always believed I can't draw. As a newcomer to art journaling and mixed media collage, I've tried to increase my confidence in my sketching/drawing, but could really use some tools to assist me in increasing my skills in this area. Perhaps these titles would help with that? I'm sure that the adage "practice makes better" is also true when it comes to drawing...and it sounds like this author has created some exercises that might inspire me to practice more!
I really like the article that you mentioned, because it adds another value
I love Danny's books too, but find it hard to incorporate it into my every day.
SO happy to have found you and your blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Thank you for sharing these great books..i'm off to look into purchasing them now. I'm just starting to get into mixed media creations and am very excited about it.

Many blessings, doreen
I too am a fan of Danny's books! Great stuff.
As for getting even a little bit of art in every day I created a journal for myself..two page spread in calendar form. Gives a small space a day and then of course if I'm into it..there's more room around the "day" spaces for bigger doodles. The pages are also made with watercolor paper as well, so I'm able to use whatever medium I'm in the mood for.
@ Jenny - I firmly believe anyone can learn to draw. it's a skill. I had to work and work and work at it. it took time but lots of practice and I really finally got it. In our freshman year we had to draw 100 hands and 100 feet because those are the hardest to draw. I still hate drawing hands but I know I can do it if I stick at it!

@ WW - your journal sounds amazing! you should sell those! I love the sound of that concept!
Hi.....I missed your class on big picture and I just wanted to let you know that if you teach it again I am totally in. It looks amazing.
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