new online class: Composition for Collage

I have been hard at work on my NEW online class and I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! 

You are in for a treat with this class!! If you sign up we'll be spending 4 weeks together, from June 2nd - June 29th -- you'll come away refreshed and loaded with new inspiration and ideas! Think of it as an arty summer camp for your creative soul!

This online class isn't just a blog with a password. It's Audio, Video, Slide Shows, Handouts, Chats, Message Boards. I will be there with you to guide you along and it will be a truly interactive experience. I can tell you that gals at Big Picture Classes  REALLY know how to put a high tech online class together and you will not be disappointed!

Full details are below and to register NOW click here!!

Do you ever create a project or artwork and think – this just isn’t working, but I don’t know how to fix it!? This is where composition comes in! In Composition for Collage, you will learn tricks of the trade to help you create successful compositions without creating visual overload – specifically in regards to mixed media.

Claudine Hellmuth, has taught this popular workshop live internationally, and is now bringing it to you in an online format with Big Picture Classes. Claudine has boiled down the various methods, gleaned from her art college days, and developed surefire tools for creating strong compositions in your work. Easy to learn and quick to implement, you will be making professional looking collages by the end of the first week.

Each week, Claudine will teach a new method, guiding you through each step and will offer advice and tips on your projects. It won’t be long before you discover how easy composition is and that by using just a few new techniques, great compositions practically create themselves! At the end of the class you will have a least four finished projects (probably a lot more!) and the knowledge to take your work even further!

Whether you are a scrapbooker making the transition to mixed media work, or you have been creating altered artwork for some time, you will find that the investment in this class will give back to you for the rest of your creative life! Gone will be the frustration of working on composition; you will know how to apply the tools of good composition and it will make all the difference in everything you create!

  • Welcome notes from Claudine in the classroom
  • Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions for each lesson/project
  • 20 sheets of high resolution printable collage pages created from Claudine's favorite images -- all  to use in our composition exercises (a $100 value!!)
  • Instructional videos
  • Powerpoint slideshows with Claudine's  lively audio instruction
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Weekly emails offering inspiration, images from other artists and discussion about what we are working on that week
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates and Claudine
  • Email access to Claudine and lots of "Claudine" time 
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates 
  • Two live chats with Claudine 
  • and more!!

YES! $30! That's only $1 a day!! Woweee!!! Ready to Sign up? CLICK HERE!

  • Is this class open to International students? - YES! That's what is so great about online classes no matter where you are you can take it!
  • Do I have to buy all Claudine Hellmuth Studio products to take the class? No you don't. Actually there is NO SUPPLY LIST. I repeat. NO SUPPLY LIST. Work with what you have and use the downloads I provide. yay!
  • Do I have to be "present" each day to take the class? no you don't! you can follow along as the class progresses, or check in periodically and download the directions, watch the videos at your leisure! it is *best* if you can follow along with the class as I'll be able to comment on your work and help you, but if you are out of town, don't worry, you won't miss out on any details!
  • When does the class start? June 2nd
  • How much is the class? $30 for 4 weeks of instruction! That's only $1 a day!
  • Where is the supply list? Actually there is NO SUPPLY LIST. Work with what you have and use the collage downloads I provide. Easy!!
  • How long does the class stay active for those who registered? Students will have "forever access" to the class materials, which means that class will end June 29th (so there will no longer be teacher interaction), but students can go back at any point in time (as long as BPC exists) and access the class materials, gallery and message board! WOW!
  • I am just starting making art/collage: that's great! You'll get a jump just by learning these composition techniques and it will save you a lot of headaches.
  •  Will it be fun? Composition sounds like math? Of COURSE it will be FUN!! I  like to have fun. I promise  we'll be learning and laughing!!
  • Will it work on my ipad? Yes! you can lie on the couch and watch all the videos right on your ipad!
READY TO SIGN UP? CLICK HERE! - Don't wait! This class will not be repeated until 2012!!

If you have any other questions that I didn't cover just post them in the comments and I will answer!

FTC Disclosure: links in this post are affiliate links. If you click and purchase my class, I will earn a small referral fee. I appreciate your clicks and support!

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Wow, fabulous! Just signed up - thanks for offering online classes for those of us that are far from in-person workshop opportunities :)
This looks brilliant. I will definitely be signing up!
This is exactly the kind of help I need! I'm sure after taking this course I'll be on my way to producing much better work! I'm all registered - many thanks.
Do you know if the materials are useable/viewable on the iPAD? Thanks.
I'm booked in, I so can't wait Claudine, thank you so much for making this available online :)

Yes!! It will work on your iPad! Yay!
Saw this on BPC and couldn't wait to sign up. Looking forward to June 2nd.
Looking forward to it.
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Hi Claudine! Just applied to your class and I´m sooo looking forward to it! This is so great for us living far away from your "live" classes - I live in Sweden....
This is super exciting and I´m hoping to learn loads of new artsy stuff! <3
looking forward to creating with you all this summer!
I am so excited to take this class...really enjoyed your last one at Big Picture...they offer great workshops...and the best part is you can go back forever and get the cool is that!!!
This class sounds intriguing, but I work entirely digitally (and new to that.)

Will this class be relevant for those of us who work only digital? Or is it focussed more on mixed-media techniques?

great question!

it will apply for digital or traditional ways of working. there aren't any "techniques" like with paints or mediums the entire class is focused on composition so it will apply no matter how you work!
SO excited for this!
I am so excited to find this online opportunity as I live in a small city in the interiour of British Columbia with limited art school possibilities but I bought your book, 'Collage Discovery Workshop' at Staples a few years ago and it's just my style. And now that I'm retired from full time teaching I can really become immersed in mixed media collage for the month of June which used (past tense) to be my busiest and most stressful month doing report cards and getting my classroom packed up for the summer etc. Not any more. I would say that it's all about me (and that would be an overused cliche) but actually it IS all about me! Warm wishes from Canada!
I am so excited you will be ffering the class online. I was going to take it at the Ink Pad in NYC in March but wasn't able to. But, starting on May 29, 2011 I will be going out on long term medical leave from my job. I will have time to devote to art and building my Tupperware business. Check out my recipes each week, at Each recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. Time saving in the kitchen means more time for playing. I am registering for this tonight as soon as I locate my purse. LOL
I was so excited when I saw this class, I'm signing up. Can't wait to hone my new found love of mixed media & collage, need the tips on how NOT to make it look messy.
I've been doing a few online classes and it's all being done in Canada, yahoo for internet, don't know if I would've ever found all this fun stuff if it weren't for the WWW.Thanks Claudine, it's gonna be fun! I Love your work!
thanks all! so excited to get to spend June with you! we will have a great time and learn a lot too!
Ouu! Woohoo! I'm discovering this through Linda at Studio L3 and now I can't wait for June!
Hi Claudine, After purchasing your book and starting some projects I realized that composition is my weakest area. I have a great eye for finding the elements that go into collage (from flea markets, throw-aways, thrift shops etc) but when faced with the blank page, I freeze. I don't know how to choose elements from my large collection that will work and have a cohesive look (or even some sort of theme)! I'm looking forward to advice, inspiration and fun. Thanks for doing this online format. One question: Can we work in 3-D?--I'm enjoying the look of layering and using shadow boxes. Lin S.
Lin - you can def work in 3-d! that will be fun!
I just signed up on my birthday, May 11th. Can I download anything prior to the class starting on June 2nd that I can have a look at for inspiration? And how logistically speaking is this online class going to work so we can interact with the other students? I've taken grad course at the U of C before and I think we used the Blackboard format for posting online. I also would like to know how we can upload pics of our work so fellow artists can comment on what we are doing. Please advise. Thanks, Joanna Babiak in Penticton, B.C. Canada
Joanna - thanks for signing up! The first week of content will be up June 2nd

For posting and interacting there is a message board that is open 24/7 and then we will have 2 chats also at set times. I am usually on the message boards on and off all day every day so I will be right there to answer questions :)

For posting artwork there is a gallery that is easy to
Use that you will be able to post your work and comment on others work too!!
Greetings from British Columbia!

Thanks for the prompt response. I'm doing some 'hunting and gathering' for the class and have just ordered your follow up book to the collage discovery so I'll be prepared to make the most of the month. I also see that you will be having a three day intensive in an art college in Washington State so that may also be possible as well now that I've retired as an elementary teacher after 30+ years. Have a spectacular week! Joanna in Penticton, B.C., Canada
Hi there..... I was wondering.....I am almost totally deaf and do pretty but I am mostly a lip reader.....would I have a hard time following your you have the instructions writtened out for us to follow.......would I be able to repeat the lessons over and over til I understand it all........please let me know......thanks Therese
Therese hi there! There are loads of written instructions and just about all the audio has transcripts as well. Hope that helps!
Claudine, is there a deadline date for signing up? Money is a little tight, just at the moment, so I will need to work a bit to gather the funds. We are in the process of becoming foster parents and all that we have to do to make the state happy is costing a fortune! Once we are approved, we can be reimbursed, but we have to foot the bill up front for all of the baby gates, cabinet locks, covering the wrungs to all of our stairs, etc! It is so NOT CHEAP!! Thanks!!
cmmama10-Krissy -

deadline is June 8th :)

congrats on becoming foster parents!
How do we access the course when it starts on June 7th? Thanks, Linda Swicker
Linda - class starts June 2nd and you will have access when you wake up on the morning of June 2nd

Deadline to register is June 8th but class starts June 2nd :)
YEAH... so excited... June 2nd is just 2 days away. I will have to wait until I get home from work to see anything. I am still excited!!!!
I registered yesterday (June 2). When and where will I receive information on how to start the class. I'm ready and waiting :-)
You should be getting reg emails immediately after signing up. Check your spam folder in case they went there.

You can also go to and log in to your account go to my classes and you should see the class there.
If you do not or are having trouble contact big picture classes at

See you in the classroom!
Yayyy, i just signed up today(6/3). Found on Ranger blog and so glad I did. Been looking for a class strictly on composition, and the fact that u can use these principles with ANY MEDIA is just a blessing.
Going to BPC right now to start....just wanted to say "THANKS"....
Looking forward to all your materials and "meeting" you...
Jayne Rose
Thanks, Claudine, but I'm still not getting in. I've check spam box, etc., and I've logged into your site...can't find where I'm supposed to be :-(

Sue (SteinLines)

the technical issues I am not able to help much with because I am a contracted teacher on the Big Picture Classes web site and it's not my web site.

So I would recommend contacting BPC at they will help you!

While you are waiting to hear back from them try this:

first go to

then log in then follow these instructions:

1) go to My Account (in the upper left corner)
2) go to My classes (on the right sidebar in green)
3)you will see the class listed under your classes. click the "enter classroom" orange button

hope that helps! but def email and they will guide you!
Got in! Thanks for your patience with me!!
yay Sue!! I am so glad!!
Do I need power point? I don't have it at home-
Nancy M
Nancy - no special software needed. It's "like a power point" presentation but in a video format. if you can access the internet and have a browser like IE or Firefox or Safari you can attend!
Claudine...I just tried to sign up for your class and $30.00 and it came up big picture ~ took no info or $???? Am I signed up? Thank you for your help.
Bambi - the class is Hosted on Big Picture Classes. you will have to register for the class there. there is a button on this page to register:

click the orange PURCHASE button at the bottom of the page, then click check out then you will enter in all your info

email if you have trouble!
Got it! Thank you.
Is there anyway to still join your class? I just found out about it (I have been buried at work) - I am a huge fan of yours and soooo want to take the class!
Michelle - registration officially closed yesterday but if you email maybe they could get you in. I am not sure what their policy is.
Would love to take the next online course. So glad that I have found this site!
I know the plan is that this won't be offered for at least a year, but just wanted to say that I can't wait! ;o)

I think I have bought and signed up for this class but didn't use it because I was moving. Can you look up my address and send me the login info, please?

Either OR

I'm a big fan and have a couple of your books.

Joanne Babiak
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Unfortunately, it was nearly a decade ago so they are no longer in business anymore and the content is no longer available.
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