illustration friday: toy
Here's my entry for this weeks illustration friday theme of "toy"

When I saw the word for this week was toy, right away I thought of my dollhouse project. While most think of dollhouses as toys I am using one as a vehicle for my illustrations. And now I am addicted! I get to play with dollhouses and create illustrations. It's my fantasy combo!

Stanley cat inspects dollhouse

It all started with a simple little dollhouse... here's our late Stanley cat checking out the dollhouse when I first got it put together. I could always count on little Stan to be my helper with any project!
(RIP Stanley - we miss you!)


First,  I create a little figure out of paint, paper etc and add a little line drawing on top....


Then I stage the shot and take the final photo, touch up in Photoshop (here I added the pattern to the bag in PS)

I have been so busy lately working on assignments that I haven't gotten to play with the dollhouse project as much as I would like. But I am itching to get back to it soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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This is terrific.
absolutely so sweet! i love the colors of the rooms...sort of easter-like :D
Delightful! Your blog is such a happy place! Thanks for sharing your projects, it is so fun to see sneak peeks behind the scenes of your designs!
wow claudine! this is magnificent!
that is sweet!!!!
That is so darn cool. I love the live dollhouse with your collaged lady. Great effect and makes a great shot! Love seeing Stanley as well!! :)
Wow! What a delightful way to play! I love her handbag! :)
The sight of the doll house brings feels very nostalgic for old times. Your illustration of a lady with a bag really looked nice, I wonder how did you make her stand.
I'm loving that you are using my little CLH table in your house. Love the 3D illustrations.Think you might sell some of your characters to other miniaturists? This project is too fun!
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