maggie's new shoes!
Maggie dog has had sore paws from all the salt on the sidewalks here in DC. We like to go for long walks but the salt was wreaking havoc on her paws and with each new walk she'd come home limping. I tried washing her feet every time we'd come back and Tender Foot moisturizer but nothing was helping.

Now Maggie has some stylish new doggie snow boots to protect her paws!

Maggie in her doggie boots!

I got these from and they were amazing with their customer service.

Here I am measuring Maggie's paw, but after a quick consult with @alldogboots, it was recommended that I get the M+ and not the Large as I thought! We had a really long twitter conversation picking out the right size for Maggie and the right type of boot for our 2 mile daily walks. I really appreciated this as it meant that then we got the right fit the first time!

We went out on first walk today with the new boots and at first Maggie didn't like them in the apartment. I was worried at first, but as soon as we were outside she forgot that she had them on and we had a wonderful long walk with lots of smiles from strangers.  The boots stayed on for the whole walk... and the best part was no limping when we got back home!


we tried those with our dog here in fargo.. when it gets so cold here in the winter.. she hated them and took them off.. we cud never keep them on her! Lucky you. u hv a much better behaved dog!
love bonnierose
interview questions ready yet?
Super cute!!
Our babies won't use them, but I am glad that she is cooperative!!

That is just the sweetest photo and how thoughtful of you to get those for your pup! I have never seen dog boots before, too funny.
Maggie is an adorable looking dog and from your description of her behavior, she's an absolute sweetie. But now, with the pink (!) walking booties, she's adorable +++! I love the photo of you both at the wall sizing chart - too cute.
Holy smokes she's a cutie!
Very stylish and how wonderful they didn't bother her at all! We just got a puppy and one of the worries is how to take him out when it's all rainy and muddy outside. We live in a rural area too, so it's rocky and no sidewalks at times... Maggie is such a good girl to not bite at the boots :)
She looks very proud of her new boots!
She's so cute in her new shoes! Many years ago... probably about 20, I had a young friend who was taking his dog on a LONG road trip camping across several states... and there was to be lots of snow involved. So he asked me to make his dog some shoes and a sweater! I made doggy shoes similar to Maggie's before they ever hit the market! For the sweater, I found a nice, thick wool child's sweater at Goodwill, felted it, and then tailored it to fit Katie, the pit bull! After the long road trip, he reported that Katie wore her shoes faithfully and he sweater worked out great!
Yay for Maggie and her boots! My corgi had sensitive feet too. Lots of times during the winter, I ended up having to pick her up and carry her home. I bought her boots and it was so cute the way she walked around on dry floors. But she appreciated it out in the cold!
that is great! I'm so happy that both of you can enjoy your walks! {:-D
I have looked at these and wondered about them!! Rocker falls over whimpering when he hits the salt. I feel so bad. I've carried the poor little guy for blocks before. Now we are in the side-walkless and salt free country. Yay!! She looks so cute in her boots!! See you soon in Cali!!
I can't stand how cute that is!
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