getting creative with paint chips
When I go to the hardware store I always sneak over to the paint chip aisle and grab as many as I can. ( Shh! Don’t tell Home Depot or Lowes!)I love to use them in my journaling, and various projects. Some of the larger paint chips are perfect for cutting with punches and using in your layouts.

Sherwin Williams has launched a very creative ad campaign using paint chips!

Here are a couple stills from the commercial:

Click here to watch the full ad as a Quick Time movie

This commercial made my heart go pitter patter. It is one of my creative fantasies to work on a project like this. Perhaps animate my artwork for a commercial or TV spot. I am dreaming!!

Make sure to check it out! You’ll never look at paint chips the same way again!


I wonder if they realize, with these commercials it is just encouraging us more to grab a few paint chips!

In our defence, we can say that they put the idea in our heads...
These are some of my favorite commercials ever!
Oh Claudine, I think your work would be so perfect for a tv spot. I hope your Dad is doing well.
OMG Claudine I have never thought of this! weeeeee I see a trip to lowes/homedepot in my near future!! LOL TFS
Guess we'll all be in the paint aisle at Lowe's tomorrow :)
I've loved these commercials ever since I saw the first one. I even dvr'd a tv show just to re-watch these ads! Whoever came up with them is a genius. Although like others have said they'd better ramp up on their paint chip production. :)
I've been "collecting" paint chips for a long time & have used a lot of them in altered book & other projects. I think your pieces would be so fun animated...the doll house project in particular.
(I also love the creativity of these commercials.)
I also pick up paint chips whenever I am at one of the big box stores. They are little gems of color. I use them in some card making. Thanks for the link to the video.
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