what i listen to while I am working
I am often asked what music I like to listen to when I am working in my studio. Well actually I don’t listen to music at all!

I love listening to podcasts.

It seems that when I am listening to a good story or an interview it seems to keep my brain busy so that I am not thinking “too much”. My left-brain is concentrating on the story and my right brain can be creative without my inner critic rearing up! Or at least that's the plan :)

I have a whole list of them and I thought I’d share them with you!

Click the links below or search on itunes to download:




Let me know if you have any favorites not on this list. I am always looking for new podcasts!


This is very topical for me, as a crafter friend always extolls the virtues of podcasts while I (a writer) either am addicted to (alternative rock I suppose you could call it) while researching, or to Pablo Casals playing solo cello (while writing).

Cannot tolerate words -- spoken or sung -- while actually writing. Need just melody.
Dearest sweet Calusine, such a wonderful and very inspiring lists! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!
@ margaret - I am the same way if I am writing I usually just have silence. i can't listen to words and write!!
I totally listen to many of the same podcasts! I also like Artists Helping Artists podcast, Nutrition Diva and just discovered iMake... all very cool. I alway need the ambient something... otherwise the silence is scary!
I love podcasts but prefer to work in silence. I am eaily distracted.
I love podcasts but I prefer silence as I am easily distracted.
Claudine: I'm honored to be among this list. And it's a great list.

As you said, there are still 3.5 years of weekly Art Marketing Action podcasts to be heard in the archives. I hope I can charm you with better audio in the future.

Happy holidays!
I'm the same way. Love to listen to podcasts too while I work. Thanks for adding some to my list.
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Great list - I often listen to all sorts of podcasts and it is good to have a few craft ones on hand as well!
Can't thank you enough for this list! And i'm loving your Betty dollhouse decor. WOW!
I love listening to podcasts when I'm being crafty. That and Netflix instant play movies...

I love This American Life; Wait, Wait Don't tell Me (funny!); TED; More Hip than Hippie; KCRW's Good Food; We Like it Raw; Mysterious Universe; and whatever else I'm into that week. :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I will check out some of the ones you listed!
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