our suitcases are packed!
Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, Paul and I will be loading up the car along with Maggie doggie for a 14-something hour drive to Orlando FL. Our friend will be here holding down the fort and on cat duty so we won't have to worry about Mabel cat!


We'll be visiting family, catching up and enjoying the first few days of 2011 in the Florida sunshine!

I'll be updating via Twitter as we travel and while we're away and I'll be back in the studio on January 10th.

Happy New Year!


make your own photobooth pics
This week doesn't feel like a "real" work week so let's have some fun!

If you’re like me you love old style photobooth photos. It’s hard to find photobooths in real life but I found a fun substitute that you can use right on your computer. It creates photobooth pics that look like they come right out of the movie Amelie (my fav movie too)!

Just go to:

Here’s a pic of what the site looks like along with a filmstrip of our late cat Stanley who was a semi-unwilling participant. We miss you Stanley cat!

The site is all in French but even if you don’t speak French it’s easy enough to figure out.

Once you’re done with your photoshoot you can even print out your pics and then scrap ‘em!

I found this fun photobooth link on Website Bakery. If you're in the mood for some fun eye candy (and who isn't!) check it out here!

Have fun!!


upcoming workshops!
2011 is almost here and I've got some exciting classes on the schedule!

For my first workshop of 2011, I'll be at Angela's Happy Stamper in Reston VA on Saturday January 22nd teaching two 3 hour classes.

We'll make this amazing Paper Wreath using left over scrapbook papers from our stash along with some super fun techniques of course!

In the second class we'll make this accordion fold book using Sticky Back Canvas and you'll get to play with my new Creative Layers Stamp Collection!

I hope you'll be able to join us! Click here to register!


February 17 - 19th :
Collage Discovery Workshop Intensive in Bonita Springs Florida. To register, call The Art League of Bonita Springs at (239) 495-8989

March 19th & 20th:
Waxing Poetic Beeswax Collage & Collage Discovery Workshop at the Ink Pad in NYC

May 27th- 29th: Mixed Minded Event in Ontario Canada

I will also be teaching an online class or two with Big Picture Classes. More info coming soon on that!

More workshops and complete information are on my web site here!
wishing you a merry christmas!
It's down to last minute Christmas preparations at Betty's. Here she's putting the finishing touches on her retro-fabulous tree!


I think this piece also works well as my entry for this weeks illustration friday theme of "winter."  Nothing makes you feel more cozy about the cold days of winter than a brightly light Christmas tree and presents!!

I had fun making the tree for this dollhouse project piece and I even figured out how to light it with teeny weeny battery operated cake lights! (patting myself on the back)

Wishing everyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas! See you next week!

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ali edwards class giveaway

It's two days before Christmas so let's have a giveaway! Big Picture Classes has given me one seat to give away in Ali Edwards online class Yesterday and Today.

Check the end of this blog post to see if you are the winner!

Just post a comment below in this post to be entered for a chance to win, make sure to include your contact info so I can reach you. I'll draw a winner at random (using on Tuesday Dec 28th at 5pm EST.

Join popular blogger and scrapbooker
Ali Edwards, along with a diverse group of memory keepers, as they learn to make meaningful connections to their past in order to live their life in a more thoughtful way. Projects are limited to one layout a week that address the questions listed below.

Are you new to online education? Ali’s robust, cutting-edge online classroom provides content in multiple learning platforms: video, audio and traditional written handouts. The classroom also houses sharing galleries and multiple message boards. This is your last opportunity to participate in
Yesterday and Today at Big Picture Classes. Don’t miss out on this popular class!

Yesterday & Today

  •  Where do you begin creating with photos from generations past?What do you wish you knew about your parents when they were growing up? What life lessons do you want to pass on to your children?
  •  How do you document the challenging times in your life?
  • How do you create layouts that tell special stories when you don't have any photos?

Ali says,
“The benefit of looking to the past is that we gain perspective. We see things differently after developing an awareness of what we know and what we wished we knew. Looking back, even if we're just viewing old photos of people we don't know, can change the way we approach the photos we take and the stories we tell today.”

  Read the rest of the class description here!


UPDATED: December 28th at 6:11pm EST


Please email me to get all the info so you can take this class with Ali!

thanks everyone for playing!


happy birthday to me!
Today is my birthday!! Happy Birthday to me! I can not believe I am 36. Actually I spent the better part of this year thinking I was turning 35 until Paul reminded me that I was already 35 and now am turning 36. ha!


Today I plan to relax and try not to work (we'll see about that!)  Then tonight Paul and I will be heading out with our neighbors to a Christmas event at the Russian Cultural Center. Sounds like an amazing birthday to me!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


hello Santa!
We took Maggie dog to see Santa on Sunday. The hotel Monaco did a fundraiser with the Washington Humane Society. In the lobby they had a cozy fire. Cookies for the doggies and cookies and hot chocolate for the humans too!


We weren't expecting to get in the photo but decided to at the last minute, love how it turned out! Everyone made a huge fuss over Maggie in her Santa Suit and she had so much fun smiling for the camera.  

It's so great to have Maggie with us for her first Christmas as a family. Without Bernie at A Place to Bark Maggie wouldn't be alive. Seriously. Bernie pulled Maggie from animal control just before she was scheduled to be put down. Without her we wouldn't have our wonderful Maggie.

A Place to Bark has has lots more sweet furry babies that need your help!

Even just $5 or $10 would go a long way to helping to support all the animals that she takes in and finds new homes.  And the best part your donation is tax deductible !!

She was telling me yesterday that she spends $15,000 a year just on pet food not to even mention the vet bills! Wow! By networking with humane societies, she has rescued (and found homes for) over 700 animals this year! yay! go Bernie!!

Also a bonus! If A Place to Bark needs to raise $1500 more by the end of the year to receive a $5k matching grant. We can help her do this!

To donate just scroll down to the 6 Degrees Badge in my right side bar. Your donation is tax deductible too!

To learn more about A Place to Bark visit the web site
Friend A Place to Bark on Twitter or Facebook to follow along with her animal rescue adventures!


what i listen to while I am working
I am often asked what music I like to listen to when I am working in my studio. Well actually I don’t listen to music at all!

I love listening to podcasts.

It seems that when I am listening to a good story or an interview it seems to keep my brain busy so that I am not thinking “too much”. My left-brain is concentrating on the story and my right brain can be creative without my inner critic rearing up! Or at least that's the plan :)

I have a whole list of them and I thought I’d share them with you!

Click the links below or search on itunes to download:




Let me know if you have any favorites not on this list. I am always looking for new podcasts!


the christmas story house
While we were in Cleveland this past weekend, we went to go and see the house that was used in the movie A Christmas Story. It's now a museum and you can go and visit!

The Christmas Story house!

  Movie still of the house.

Paul and I with the leg lamp! We peeked in the shed in the backyard and there tons of leg lamps in there!

A re-creation of the kitchen scene. I want that refrigerator!

It was a lot of fun to go and see. If you are in the Cleveland area check it is worth a visit. Especially this time year, really gets you in the holiday mood!


beads baubles and jewels taping
I am back from Cleveland where I was taping a segment on the Beads Baubles and Jewels PBS show with my friend Katie Hacker who is the host!

Project we are making on the show!

Here's the project I made on the show. It's a necklace pendant/broach combo using my Sticky Back Canvas and my new Creative Layers Foam stamps with Ranger.

And another version of the project. Katie made the beautiful necklace to go with the broach....

Getting set up for taping!

Getting ready for the taping.

Me and Katie on the set!

Katie and I on the set!

I'm not sure when the show will air but I'll post here when I find out!

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beads baubles and jewels oh my!
I am headed back to Cleveland along with Paul and Maggie dog for a taping on the Beads Baubles and Jewels PBS show with my friend Katie Hacker as the host!

We film Monday morning and we'll be making a necklace pendant/broach combo using my Sticky Back Canvas and my new Creative Layers Foam stamps with Ranger.

I'll be tweeting updates from the taping if you'd like to check in and see how it goes.  If all goes smoothly, I'll be driving back to DC Monday after lunch. Fingers crossed!

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illustration friday: prehistoric
Here is my entry for this week's illustration friday prompt of "prehistoric".


"Alice noticed that Bob's eyes kept drifting away from her face."

I took a little artistic liberty with the prompt .... maybe not exactly "prehistoric" but this could fit under "cave man" behavior! Be careful of those wandering eyes at the holiday parties ;)

Happy Friday everyone!


easy to make paper luminary holiday village
Here's a fun paper village that is easy to make and will add lots of Christmas cheer to your home! The best part about this little village is that it will cost you next to nothing to make, I am betting you already have many of these items around your house!

I have posted this tutorial a couple times, but it's a such a favorite of mine for the holidays here it is again!


Suggested supply list:

STEP ONE: Put the house template (download here) on top of a sheet of old music paper and trace around it with a pencil and then cut it out.

STEP TWO: Draw in where you would like the windows and doors to go.

STEP THREE: Paint in the house. Paint around all the doors and windows leaving them unpainted. Here I am using Dash of Red from the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line. If you are using these paints, you will notice that they remain transparent and you can still see the music notes even through the color, making a really beautiful effect!

STEP FOUR: Here I added details. I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas to make the curtains, a black pen and the
Ranger Inkssentials White Pen.

STEP FIVE: Fold all your edges and then glue the tab to the other side of the house with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium.

STEP SIX: Pinch the sides to shape the house.

STEP SEVEN: Place the roof template on a piece of scrapbook paper, trace around and cut out

STEP EIGHT: Fold down the center and then add details. Here I added trim but cutting a piece of Sticky Back Canvas

STEP NINE: Put the roof on your house and then place a BATTERY OPERATED tea light candle underneath. DO NOT use a regular tea light candle with flame because it will catch your mini house on fire! You can find Battery tea light candles at home stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar Store or at your local craft store.

YOU'RE DONE! Here's the little house ready to bring Christmas cheer! It was difficult to capture just how glowing the houses are with the battery tea lights underneath. When you make yours, you will see how magical they are!

Now make a whole bunch more and display them on your mantle! A perfect Holiday Village for your home!

Check your local crafts/scrapbook or arts supply store for availability. Claudine Hellmuth Studio Products are for sale online at Ellen Hutson LLC. Google for more online locations.
For more videos and information about the Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line, visit my web site!

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