illustration friday: spooky
I'm working with my dollhouse project again for this week's  illustration friday theme of  "spooky" 


then I created this version with my main character at a window....


and because everything looks spookier in black and white...


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Love your work, do you use Adobe Illustrator to do this?

thanks steve. I create the little scenes by hand combining my drawings with miniature furniture and then photograph them, with a little cleanup in photoshop!

I'm really having fun with this new way of working with my drawings :)
i liked it! esp the shadows and the doll house
Straight out of a 1950's horror flick. Great job!
this is amazing! i love the mix media but the look on her face... awesome!
I love this, your work is so original and makes me smile every time :)
I can hear her screaming up here in Frederick, Md!
love her! i agree - things do look spookier in black and white
ooh, a new expression too! How did you do that?
I love collage and the 50's housewife thing and btw you and your mum are just beautiful very nice photo ^_^
turned out fabulous! I haven't visited your blog in a while... love the new work! I missed so much!
Ha! This is too funny :) I like her pose and can just imagine her ear-piercing scream!
very creative, love it
This ist wonderful!!! It reminds of really spooky Hitchcok secenes. Your tecnique is great!
Hey Claudine! It looks like a scene right out of a Hitchcock thriller... and those WERE spooky! Another great one! Your use of shadows and light is amazing!
Super nice illo, love the composition AND the humour!!! Very 50's! I bet she actually saw a spider and her husband (yep) will save her!
You are so clever and funny-- I just love these dollhouse illustrations!
Love the way you've been using the illustrations with the dollhouse! Wonderful combination!!
This is great work, I love the mixed media you are using here, and the shadow falling across the room strewn with furniture is a classical storytelling technique.

The black and white version does look good, especially considering the costume of your character.

As well as the full colour and black and white versions, it might be good to see a red tinted one, and a black and white one where one ominous object is highlighted in colour...?

Nice work though!

Adam Foster-Fahy
you trapped her in the house! Ahhhh. very cool leap.
Ha, great illustration, I enjoy her dress.
Very original!!
Thanks for your comment!!
thanks all so much for your comments! I am enjoying exploring this new way of working. so many possibilities!

Zom -- for her expression I combined a stock photo face I had with the original character. I think for future faces I'll have to use my own face as photo reference, it's very difficult to find a rage a expressions in my limited stock archive etc!
this is such an awesome technique and idea and the way that you present it is really cool!!
ha this is great! great contribution to this weeks topic. just love your work ♥
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