the sketchbook project
In an effort to do more non-work-related sketching and drawing I just signed up for The Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

This will also challenge something that I want to overcome. I hoard my art. I make it I keep it, I have a hard time even selling it. By joining this project and sketching and then sending it away forever I hope to work on being more free with my work. Wish me luck!

Join me in The Sketch Book Project. Click here to play too!
Very cool - the Sketchbook tour stops in Austin, I may have to go check it out! :-)
What a great project, and I love that by starting a project knowing that you're going to give it away it may help you to not be as hoard-y. (Spoken as a fellow hoarder!)
I'm tempted to participate -- my drawing skills need work but it does sound like fun!
What a cool project! This is the second time I've heard of it TODAY -- makes me wonder what that means! If I could draw at all, I'd participate too. Good luck and enjoy!
yay!! I'm doing the SBP too - it will be a fun adventure!
It's a great project..I've got one in there...I'm trying to get it going with the art league I belong to LaGrange Il.. but hoping to get people involved in the act of just doing it and letting it go..hard to do but so freeing.. and with our project we would like to have a big event afterwards and auction off a few of the sketchbooks to then give someone the chance to take an art class but can't afford it...sorry didn't mean to ramble on..just wanted to share with you..have fun with it Claudine.. I've working on one now with my group and I have to say I'm excited too.
Great idea CLaudine! THis reminds me of the 1001journals project, which I wasn't ever able to participate in...I'm definitely gonna sign up for this....just have to determine my "theme"....
Claudine, I tend to be like you...{hoarding}, so I just finished signing up, I selected "figuring you out", thought it was appropriate:-)
claudine, this project is amazing! thank you for sharing this info with us. i'm considering signing up, too.
i'm your student at bps, and i'm loving your class. not only you are an amazing artist, you're also a natural born teacher! i can't wait for thursday to come.

thank you so much for teaching us!!!

=^ . ^=
Thank you so much for sharing this project info with us. I signed up, and I, too, am a hoarder of my own work. Why? I don't know, because I'll give away almost anything else I have! LOL! Can't wait for the tour to come to Chicago. I plan to visit it. See you at CHA, yes? ~ky
Hi, Claudine! I did the Sketchbook Project last year and it was a lot of fun! I hope you have a great time! What's your theme?
I hope you'll share your Sketchbook with us when it is finished! :-)
This looks like so much fun!!!
Thanks for this info...I am going to do it! My life drawing teacher back in college once warned us to not think of our art as so precious that we can't let it go and often encouraged us to give a successful drawing to the model. It was always difficult for me to do that. This is good therapy.
I joined too! I am so excited about it!
When I saw the project mentioned somewhere, I thought "How cool!" and then I thought "Give it away?!?!?!?!?"

It takes courage and generosity to participate in this project!

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