illustration friday: breakfast
This is my submission for this weeks illustration friday theme of "breakfast"


I just finished up this custom artwork, while it's a tad of stretch for the theme but it fits a little! This cute little family loves to have BREAKFAST and hangout in their treehouse!

When they ordered the piece they let me know that they are moving and wanted to have a tribute to their treehouse that the whole family loves and will miss. I had so much fun working on this piece!

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nice collage :D
Btw I just saw your stamps! OMG I am so excited! YEA!
What a fun piece! Thank you for sharing--you are so creative.

Happy Illustration Friday!
It is a wonderful treehouse tribute!
nice work!
what a cool image and concept. I'd love to take breakfast in a tree house :)
this family must be happy now :)
very nice!!..your blog is so much fun!
Love this!
We are the grandparents and want you to know that we really love this piece!! Thank you for your part in helping the move to London a whole lot more pleasant. They will truly enjoy this! It is beautiful.
Bunny and Jack Keyes
Hey Claudine! This is so much fun! I know the family will love and cherish it! What a cool idea! Hey thanks for stopping by!
i think i had this same tree in my backyard growing up!!

lovely piece...and what a sweet idea..taking the treehouse with them. I am sure they will cherish this :)
delightful fun!
Treehouse breakfast! that sounds like fun!
cute piece!
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