graduation day!
Tonight Maggie graduated from doggie school! For the last 5 weeks we've been taking her to classes with the amazing Toni from Anytime Canine. Toni is a super instructor and really amazing with the people and the doggies! I can't say enough good things, if you're in the DC/VA area I highly recommend!

Here are some pics from grad night:

Maggie so proud!

Maggie again!

Seffi, one of Maggie's classmates

Nico another classmate. Nico really liked Maggie!

Harley - the star of the class!

We had so much fun we're going to enroll into the next level!


Oh my gosh, Claudine, this is so cute! I love how Maggie smiles!
Oh she is so awesome - so great to see her thriving. Still love your paints!
super cute! congrats to maggie ♥
How adorable! Magie looks quite pleased with herself as she should be. Congrats!
so sweeeeet!!! congratulations, maggie!!!
=^ . ^=
Congratulations, Maggie! :-)
Congratulations Maggie. Cute pictures.
Ahhhh, Maggie is a star!! I have two Nicci's ... didn't think they had a chance at graduating!! hahahar! See ya soon!
Congratulations Maggie, well done.
She's lovely!
My dogs would never graduate from any dog school ;-P
Congrats to all the puppies!
Way to go, Maggie! She's darling, and looks very smart in her cap and gown!
Yay ... well done Maggie & don't you look smart!
I am so LOL - this post was wonderful and I love all of the class photos! Way to go Maggie Girl! Hugs
What wonderful photos! Makes me want to give the girl a big hug!

Congratulations to both of you!
Whoa- I have a pooch that could seriously benefit from something like this! Congrats to Maggie for earning her (pedi) degree!!!
well done maggie and you look so proud of yourself...big hugs from buddy xxx
Bravo Maggie.. you rock !!

Way to go Maggie!!! Graduating class of 2010!!!!
aawwwwww what happy looking pooches:D
Conrats to Maggie on her graduation:D
Too cute!!
Julie xx
Maggie is just the sweetest thing. I think she knows she is a rescued dog and is really enjoying her life right now.

Congrat Maggie
Congratulations! She's looks so smart and sweet! See you at CHA!
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