15 steps to freelance illustration
I recently read Thomas James new ebook 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration.

I am so excited about this book! Whether you are new to illustration or have been working in illustration for awhile, this book gives you action steps to get (or keep) your career on track.

Illustration is always a mystery to me, I seem to get jobs in spurts and never seem to have the steady flow of illustration work that I would like. It's so nice to have this book to refer to for guidance on the best way to go about cultivating a steady stream of good illustration jobs.

I love that it is broken down into manageable size "action steps" that you can follow along the way and gives clear advice and includes a workbook so that you can personalize the steps to your work.

Thomas also creates the Escape From Illustration Island podcast, I am a big fan and listen to it every week. I was on episode 29!


Hey, cool, Claudine! So you found the book to be excellent, huh? Did you purchase a hard copy or does it only come in PDF?
kathy - only as an ebook now. but if/when he does a hard copy I'll get that too.
Thanks Claudine. I've contemplated buying this e-book and appreciate the recomendation. I would love to move in the direction of children's book art and maybe some conceptual designs, and also branch into the greeting card stationary market. My "ADD artist mind" is having a hard time narrowing down what to jump on next. I enjoy what I'm doing now in illustration...but I want a little more "full picture" stuff. I do alot of stickers, stamps, dies, and other "one shot imagery" but would like to start combining it into full pictures. I really love how you have found a way to market your designs to a variety of markets. You truly are an inspiration!
Samantha - thanks! I would love to do Children's illustration too and just get more steady illustration work for editorial, Ads etc.

My dream is a Target Ad to to have my work on one of their gift cards. I think that would be so fun! I have many illustration fantasies!

I know what you mean though, there are so many areas I want to be in too it's hard to know where to focus to!
I agree this is a great e-book! Learning so much and it's just nice to have a guide! I am still working through it...yay for workbooks!
Sounds amazing!!!
Looks like I'll need to download a copy!
I will definitely look for this book. I enjoyed episode 29 and was really excited to hear your process. I loved learning about your products too, I wish I had a mad scientist...
dearest Claudine, this book looks so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing and i will be checking it out. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!
Thanks for this tip,Claudine. I will check it out!
oh I usually "read" his online advice but never listened to the podcast..I'm going to do so from now on.>
Now.. about the book..would it be good for someone who wants to get more work for children's market? books magazines and products....etc ?
what do you think?
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