online class starts July 1st
My online class starts July 1st! I created this video to share with you a TEENY TINY sampling of just a FEW of the projects we'll be creating in my online class that starts July 1st. There are so many more exciting things we'll be doing in this class, but this will give you a small preview!


Well you are in for a treat with this class!! If you sign up we'll be spending 12 weeks together, making art, learning techniques, creating projects -- you'll come away refreshed and loaded with new inspiration and ideas! Think of it as an arty summer camp for your creative soul!

Class is $79! That's only $6.50 per week of class. And it's yours forever to refer back to, teach from, learn from and make it yours!!

But hurry! Class starts in just 3 weeks! Click here for all the details on the workshop!


I'm so excited! I just registered today & told 2 of my "Art friends" about it (we get together every quarter for art parties, and try to take classes together every so often)-they are gonna take it too! I'm so excited b/c we don't live close to each other anymore, but we can still take this class & experience it together.
very very tempting. looks like some great techniques. hmmm. =)
I'm getting very excited! I'm so glad I signed up for your "art camp" - love it! Love the sneak peaks - will be a summer full of fun. "See" you in 3 weeks!
WOW, what a great video!!! I'm tempted and I already know a lot of the techniques through classes with you! :)
Dearest sweet Claudine, this online class looks amazing and very inspirational! Thank you so much for a sneak peak! And OH YES i would love to sign up for it for it's one of my goal to attend a making art, learning techniques and creating projects online e-course! I pray pray pray that there will still be seats left after the 25th as i could only sign up for it after this date. Will have to see my luck. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!
I am very close to signing up for this class!!! i keep going back and looking at it! my problem is i live in the bahamas and may not have all the supplies on hand immediately....will i have forever access to this course?
yes! everyone who signs up will get forever access to the class!!
Good luck with your new class Claudine. I know it will be a huge success.
I'm not tempted anymore because I signed up over a week ago! However NOW I find out I am taking a surprise trip to see my newest Grandbaby soooo I will have to catch back up when I get home.
I tried to post questions before, but can't find, so again...
I'm trying to prepare for the class was wondering what a combover comb looks like? Does it say that on the package?
And what is plan for 4x4 binder? Can we use 6x6 instead? Thx. Hurry up July! Enjoyed your class in AZ at MP last month. Thx for coming.
Craftastrophe, BPS

you can use any size book you like, 6x6 will be fine. for the comb its just a cheap plastic comb, anything you find will work!
I've already sign your class, and I'm looking forward to knowing all this tecniques, since I'm a really apprentice.
i'll sign up soon... can't wait for july to come!!!
=^ . ^=
Thanks for putting together teaser video. All your paints arrived from and I'm so excited for the classes to start!!
Is there a deadline to sign up or max # of students? This is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm really excited and looking forward to it!
Jenny - hi there!
the deadline to sign up is July 7th!
Great preview - I'm so looking forward to this class Claudine!
I canNOT wait! I've been tapping my foot for weeks now! :D :D
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