our family is growing!
We are really excited over here at the Hellmuth/Lester household, our family is growing by +1!

On Friday our new doggie Maggie will be arriving all the way from Tennesse from A Place to Bark and into our waiting arms!

It's been over a year since we helped our Toby cross over the rainbow bridge and even though our hearts will never be totally healed, there is enough room in them to fall in love with another doggie.

Bernie has taken some fun videos of Maggie and after watching them Paul and I had to have her!

What a personality!

What lessons will Maggie teach us? I am sure at least one will involve a rock!

Our kitty Stanley also came from A Place to Bark as well which is run solely by Bernie Berlin (she's also one of my closest friends). Bernie's rescue is in Tennessee so she had him transported to Atlanta where he waited a day or two for us to arrive at my friend Andra's house!

This time Maggie will be coming on a transport service (a doggie underground railroad of sorts) called PETS LLC. Follow them on Twitter @doghauler. They will pick Maggie up tomorrow night and then we'll meet them along with other new adopters in VA to collect her.

We can hardly wait! Although I think Stanley and Mabel cats will be in for a surprise!!

Thank you Bernie for the wonderful gift of life you give to these animals, without you they wouldn't be here to bring us so much joy. We thank you for our Stanley and now we thank you for Maggie too!

Get ready to be spoiled rotten Maggie!!

PS Please follow A Place to Bark on Twitter too!


Congratulations on your newest family member, Maggie - she looks like a sweetie with a LOT of personality!
Oh my! Congrats! She's has a wonderful personality:) Watching these videos led to about 20min of watching dogs and puppies on YouTube. Time well spent!
Cograts on the new'll be a fabulous mommy and I'm sure Toby is looking down and happy for you! Look forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories! **Megan
Congratulations. She is full of personality. and beautiful.
You and Paul know that I'm so excited for you and for Maggie, too! :)
Oh she is wonderful! So happy for all of you. I am working on a painting using your paints right now - just love the texture and vibrant colors.
Omy goodness. These videos made me tear up. SUCH a precious doggie. How in the world can Maggie be a stray?! I wish for safe travels during the transfer & am so happy for your growing family!
Brittany, our black cocker spaniel used only play with round rocks, we knew it was spring when we'd have to watch where we walked in the house....she'd bring them in for safe keeping. She'd allow you to toss them if you found one slobber free. No sticks for her!
I can totally see why you guys picked her! She's fabulous!!!!!! I love how she snuggles up next to you...and the things with the rocks is hysterical!

A landscaping dog!

Congrats on your newest family member!
What a beautiful girl!!! She seems as sweet as can be and I think she will be the perfect doggie for you!!
Holy smokes she's a sweetie!
Awww, what a sweetie pie she is! Hugs & rocks & she's a happy girl. So glad you are adding her to your family--so much fun!


PS: and so much love for peeps like Bernie who do such hard, but important work saving these wonderful souls...THANKS BERNIE!
Aw how wonderful hun, she looks totally adorable and I am sure that she will make your lives very happy, and you will make her life complete too...big hugs...and have fun with her xx
Claudine! She's wonderful. I love her energy. She's 100% love. I think she will be so healing to you and the "kids." Yeah!
Claudine, I saw your tweet about Maggie. She is just so adorable. I hope she has a long and happy life with you and your family!
I'm so excited for you guys AND Maggie! I fell in love with her when I saw her and if I lived in the US I'd be ready to fight ya for her! LOL She's the sweetest and she's so lucky to have you!
Oh, gosh, she is SO cute! I hope you can do artwork, blog, etc. one-handed, because your other arm has a new job--hug Maggie non-stop!!!

How wonderful for all three of you.

Hope the cats find a way to enjoy their new friend, too.
Maggie is wonderful! It looks like she can't get close enough to Bernie (or you, i bet). Best of luck to you all.
Happy days,
O, I'm am so happy for you and your fam. Maggie is a cutie. Who could resist that SMILE! Congratulations.
How exciting! A very lucky dog indeed!
Smiles, Andra
Lucky you! Lucky Maggie! This is obviously a match made in heaven (hope Stanley and Mable feel the same way!) So happy for all of you.
Maggie is so lovely! I wish you many many happy years together.

I lost my Keisha two years ago and I still miss her.

thanks for posting. really nice.
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