still missing you
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we said good-bye to our Toby and helped him cross over the rainbow bridge.


Our hearts still ache for you Little T. It's not the same without you!


Hello Claudine,
Sometimes that sadness really never goes away, I can relate. To a real pet lover, our pets are our "soulmates", in a sense. They give us so much and ask for so little in return. I guess that we have to be grateful for how they have enriched our lives. But, I think that we will always miss them in some degree or another. We are so fortunate to have them cross out paths in life. Toby looks precious in the picture. His spirit is really still with you and the memories are golden.
Positive energy to you,
Claudine, Hugs to you. I know that sting very well, hold on to those precious memories, it has helped us at times with our boy (Jack).

Take care,
I know just how you feel - we said good-bye to two beloved dogs in the last four years and there isn't a day I'm not reminded of them somehow. Sending a big hug!! Silke
It's so hard even years later. It's been two years today since we said goodbye to our pug RoseBud... I hope she and Toby and all the others are happy and playing together. Wishing you all the best. ~ Jeannine
Oh. I needed to see this today - bless you. My sweet Maggie cat left me Tuesday morning after a 2 year battle with a disease we knew would eventually win - 2 years of no pain & joy and defying the odds. Today I pick up the small white box holding her ashes and have awakened a bit shaky - I am anxious, looking forward to a goodbye ritual (much needed) and terrified at the finalization this brings. Your post + others' comments are so helpful, reassuring me that her memory will stay, and though I will miss her, I can go on with happiness. Your Toby looks quite precious - hugs and prayers to & for you today.

cute cute cute; my daughter has a little Brussels Griffon; who is 16 years young; your Toby has a similar nose. So sorry for your loss.
Oh, I can't believe it's been a year! I still think about him for you even though I never met him in real life!
Claudine, tears came after reading your post and the comments from others. My avatar for my Etsy shop, MidwestieLady, is JD, whose spirit stills roams in my art studio. The missing them is so fresh regardless of time passed, yet knowing the love is still there and their spirits are with us, lessens the emptiness a bit. So sorry about your sweet Toby with his wise looks, and love in his eyes.
Since the time Bella passed away almost a month ago, I have often thought of you. It's difficult to put into words, but your love for Toby have helped bring me comfort.
We lost our Boomer a few months ago. It is so hard loosing a precious pet. Boomer was with us for 18 years. I still miss our Gina who passed away three years ago here at home. She was 16. My heart goes out to you.
I can so relate,,,warm hugs to you today......
*hugs* The pain of animals leaving never quite leaves but you just have to try and remember the good times!

I had the most wonderful cat ever, who passed almost 3 years ago. I keep thinking someday I will get a new cat but I just can't do it yet. They just capture your heart!
My heart aches for you and your loss. He sure was a beautiful dog. Many Blessings, Jonnie
Sweet Toby. I dog walk with the cutest little "Peek" and they have the biggest personalities in spite of their small size. I am sure he brightened every day for you.
Last year we lost our dear little ferret just a week before Toby doggie. She had been ill for a few months and reading about him during that time helped me get through it all. I don't know if I'll ever have another ferret, but they are wonderful--Sneezy was the sweetest animal I've ever had and I'll probably always miss her. I hope she and sweet Toby are friends now!
thank you everyone for your super sweet comments. it is so hard when we lose our furry loved ones.

We are getting closer to getting another rescue doggie. At first I thought it would be a rescue Peke again. After talking it over with Paul our hearts are still so tender it would feel strange to have another doggie so similar in looks to Toby. No-one can compare to Toby's hilariously grumpy personality.

Every day that we have is so precious with our pets and families. Hug them tight!!
awww...made me cry!
Still missing my own special furry friend even several years later. I have a feeling it'll always be that way.
Guess we can just be glad for the time we were given to enjoy each others company! (hug)
I think of my little one, Chloe that we lost just a few days after Toby. It's so amazing how much of an impact pets can have on our lives. Maybe Chloe and Toby are girlfriend/boyfriend in doggie heaven! :) xoxo Megan
I can't believe that it has been a year either! Still think of him, Toby Dog, the little friend we made here. Thank you again Claudine for sharing your family with us. Kindred spirits.


Wendy & pets xoxo
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