illustration friday: dip again!
This is another submission for illustration friday's theme of "Dip"


I wanted to create something today just for Illustration Friday in addition to custom artwork piece that I submitted to earlier.

The past few weeks have been lots of travel and prep work for classes and I haven't gotten to make as much art as I would like. My hands are getting itchy to make something just for fun!

In this piece I am experimenting with incorporating more line work and minimal color. Something I've been wanting to play with a little bit more! We'll have to see how it develops.

So here's my "Ode to Dip" with the most delicious Nutella!

Perhaps more civilized Nutella connoisseurs wouldn't treat it as a lowly dip and use it as intended as a "spread"

But I believe when eating Nutella it should be a dip!! Dip those strawberries right in the jar!! mmmm mmmm YUMMY!!!


Looks like some dipping fun. Nice work for this week's theme.
Yummy spin on prompt! The simplified look works really well
Haha... love it!! And Nutella is the best! :)
Nutella is a hit at our house. Love the 50's style!
What a fantastic piece, Claudine! I love her!

Of course, now I want to eat an entire jar of Nutella while standing in front of the open refrigerator...because that's how I eat Nutella. :-)
I like Nutella! And she's a doll....
Love this as I love all of your art. Claudine-your two books sent my artwork into directions I had always hoped for but had no idea how to do. I've always been a "drawer" but loved fabric, texture, books, text and basically "old " stuff. I literally learned how to put it all together with your help. I did go to school (BFA at JMU in VA-I've taken classes at the Corcoran as well) but hadn't "really" learned how to make what I saw in my head-so thank you, thank you. Golden Gel Medium saved my life :) :)
yummy and yummy! :D
I came so close to buying a jar of nutella at the grocery store today. Now I wish I had. This lady is totally selling it.
I've never had a jar of nutella, or a taste of it! I have to admit, this piece sells it 100%. To the market I go! Wonderful piece!
wonderful!!!!! I adore Nutella !!!
Happy Easter :o)
Ha ha ha! I've always thought of Nutella as a soup. Eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. I love your idea!
How seren-dip-itous!
makes me want to try it, I've never ventured into Nutella....
Soooo funny!
GAH! Love this Claudine! And why bother with the strawberries? I just use a spoon, ha ha ha! :)
This definitely brought back the memory of traveling in Italy on the train and sticking my hand in my pocket to discover the packet of Nutella I had placed in my pocket at breakfast had opened. You can just imagine what it looked like and what a mess I had!
nom nom - Long live nutella!
Nutella or Scooby Butter as its called in our house (as a special promotion years ago it came in jars with Scooby Doo characters printed on it which when empty you could use as a glass and my kids loved this hence the name Scooby Butter)is a firm favourite in our house with kids and adults alike....xox
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