illustration friday: rescue
Here's my submission for this week's illustration friday theme of "rescue"


Mabel is our huge fatty beast of a cat who I found in 2005 wandering the street outside our home in Florida. She was so skinny you could see every rib - hard to imagine now! Mabel's actual photo of her face was used for the cat in the illustration above :)

When we first took her in, we had never had a cat that you couldn't just"free feed" so we put the bowl down and let her eat as much as she wanted. The vet told us she would regulate her eating. After a little while she was getting bigger and bigger and the vet said "you can stop feeding her so much" so we went to a feeding time only regimen and no more free feeding. Our other cat had to eat on top of the fridge so Mabel couldn't get to it.

But Mabel is smart! She would trick us. She's an academy award winning actress, telling Paul in the morning that I hadn't fed her yet and vice versa. So we were both feeding her and before we knew it she was huge! That was in 2005 and we never have gotten the the weight off despite numerous attempts with the vet and various diets. She's our pudgy girl!

And just because I can't resist, here are a few photos of Mabel showing how the rescued life is treating her!

Mabel cat loves naps

Mabel cat loves naps. She does what I call "back surfing" where she sleeps on her back with all her feet in the air.

Mabel cat ready for movie watching time

Mabel cat loves watching TV and sits like Al Bundy

Mabel posing for Stuff on My Cat

Mabel cat loves all her toys and doesn't mind when we pile them on her big belly!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I LOVE MABEL!!! She is so gorgeous & it's not surprising that she likes to eat, given her previous existence. Thanks for sharing these terrific pics Claudine. Hope you all have a great weekend.
Mabel is movie star gorgeous!!! I love her, and she looks smashing when festooned with toys!
I rescued a bone-thin but large part-Persian cat and the same thing happened with him. We know he now only eats as much as the others, but he's a Big Boy. It hasn't affected his longevity, as he's at least 17 years old; I've had him for almost 12 years. He also gets a few low-cal treats every day. He has actually lost some weight over time and the vet says he feels pretty solid as opposed to pudgy so not to worry so much.
Great to be a rescuer! We've just started fostering Springer Spaniels; we're keeping the second one!
Aw, Mabel is soooo cute...and cuddly...and I just adore her face...what a pretty AlfieCat is a big fatso too...thing is, they are like our babies so we spoil them don't we?? Oh, and I used to have a fatty rabbit too...she was called Mabel...great minds think alike...have a FAB weekend hun x
I think Mabel and I have a lot in common!
when Mollie does that we call her 'upside down furry'
Mabel takes the cake !
Our FAT CAT story is much the same as your Claudine, he was dropped off at our old house. Took me from Aug. to Dec t get him from the woods behind the house to the front porch by moving his food down the hill. I'd stand out there in the rain holding an umbrella so he could eat. We only found out it was a he when the Vet came to check it out. Sunshine because Sunny, and from terrible thin to very fat.
I've tried cutting back...but he doesn't loose...will post a pic on my FB...they would make a cut he's fixed, just can't meow...sad!! NOT..hehehehe
thanks for my early morning smile >>> Gina
Hey Claudine! Yes it's hard to believe that healthy Mabel was once skin and bones. Great collage and God bless your heart. Mabel has some great expressions.
Mabel could be the twin sister of my cat Lucy. Same figure too! She is one of 6 cats that 'have us' and the only one that is obese. Our younger cat Roy often chases her around and it looks like one of those bad nature films where a lion is chasing an elephant, Lucy lumbering around and Roy running circles around her.
She is a beautiful and sweet cat and we love her.
I enjoy seeing pics of your Mabel, she is lovely.
I enjoyed Mabel's story and absolutely love your drawing. Her photos are not only adorable but they show how much she trusts you.
Oh, my goodness, Mabel is adorable! I love the picture of her and her toys, that is so cute. Wonderful illustration too!

I'm so happy Mabel found such a good home with you! :-)
Great story.
Great art.
Great photos!!!
Great image! I love the expression on both of their faces!
I just love the one of her sleeping - nothing so relaxing and soothing as a sleeping kitty >^..^< Rescued life suits her just fine!
Thanks for your comment.
Love your illo too!

Funnily enough I have a cat like yours at home too, her name is Charlotte and she's huge but incredibly shy and hardly let's me come near. I dream of the day where she will let me rub her belly...:)
So cute! Love your collage!
I also have a stray cat that I found which was really thin, I feed her sparingly but she is still somewhat overweight - I think there must be something which happens physiologically with animals deprived of food for a period of time.
Love Mabel and all your work!
You so made my day! That picture of Mabel with all the toys is priceless! As is the Al Bundy one.
Sooooo nice image,lovely and cute Mabel!!!!!!!! :)
Have a nice springtime
BAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, I LOVE this! What a perfect piece for this week. And what a beautiful kitty. Such personality! Love her face when you pile her toys on her belly. Too much! Hahahaha

Your collages are so cool! Really fantastic work that captures a lot of spirit.
LOVE Mabel! : D
Thanks for your nice comment - great pic too, and love the story. Mabel is a lucky cat! we have a rescue cat too who eats and eats, making up for lost eating time in the past!
Hi Claudine,

Mabel is adorable. They say that when a cat feels completely safe, secure and loved, they will sleep with their belly exposed (that is their most vulnerable spot). By those pics you show, she really knows that she is loved.
I love your illustration - and your cat! We used to have a cat called Mitzie who was an award winning actress too. She used to go telling all the neighbours we weren't feeding her and they all used to give her stuff! Sneaky little kitty!
hu! hu! hu! your cat make me smile ;o)
Love the kittie pix! Just love them. We found our cat on the hwy in '96, skinny as all get out; my mom really wanted her (we had 4), so i let Freeway go live with Grandma....oops. Now renamed Molly by my mom, she would pull that I'm hungry act and my mom fell for it. It's like she never thought there'd be another bowl (guess that's from starving). Anyway, we had to take her back when 90-year-old mom got a knee replaced and she weighed .... SIXTEEN lbs (4 when we found her). After much trial and error, we found a vet who said CUT OUT THE DRY FOOD (it's full of grains and hence carbs and very fattening). VOILA! 6 months later after being on a grain-free canned, Molly was an acceptable 11 lbs. She's still alive, very arthritic and on thrice daily pain meds, but eats like a horse STILL (on a raw diet now). Thanks for photos; I just love tabbies!
This is so cute :-) Love the bottom picture :-) And lovely illo
Mabel is such a lovely model! :o) Great illustration!
Mabel's a little love-muffin! Umm wellll, actually, a BIG love-muffin!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love your artwork! :)
Nice to see you on IF!
Hhahhahaha! Oh man, this cat is where it's AT! Please, ya gotta tell me...does Mabel sit around on Tuesday nights watching The Biggest Loser? Haha...
Very cool cat. And you can see her big personality too..she's adorable. :OD

Thanks for cruising by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. It's been awhile since I have stopped by and seen you...I need to work on my cruising. ;o)
I'm so glad you filled up happy Mabel with love!
oh my word!!! i am laughing my tushie off over mabel! i think she could be the cutest cat ever!!!
you are so darn funny this is darling and i am so glad Mabel came into your life cause i got to see her ;) thank you! your illo is sooooo darling and your model truly enjoys life :D
I absolutely love Mabel, these pictures are GREAT. We have always LOVED cats and had them since '72....they bring so much to your life. I only wish that I could hug her!!!!!! Thank you for sharing these great pics!!!!!
Mabel is so CUTE! I too have a FATTY and your story about placing one bowl on top of your fridge resembles what goes on in our home. We have to place one bowl on the counter top and another on the floor. If we don't do that "our fatty" will have a feast. Too funny...I thought we were the only ones. Thanks for sharing your lovely rescue story.
She looks SOOO happy & comfy ! She's pretty !
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