wednesday already?
This week is one of those that has been swallowed up with errands. Every day I have had a list of errands to go on and it's making me antsy. I wish I could live in harmony with errands and do them, come home and get right to work. But I have found I have an errand threshold. I can do them one or two days a week but any more than that and it throws off my whole week.

I usually like to have at least 3 days in the week where I don't go anywhere and I sequester myself in our 700sq ft apartment to make real progress on my work. But that's not happening this week! I am already looking ahead to next week where I plan to hide in the apartment and get lots of things off of my to-do list.


My husband and I feel like we are living in your shoes. He is a pastor and that seems what fills his days is problems and errands. My schedule follows his pretty much.
Hi Claudine! Wednesday already which means Saturday Almost! Looking FW to your class! :-) Hali
Well, it sounds like you need an assistant to do all the errands and you can get down to work...hmmm I wonder if I can commute from Vancouver,Canada lol
Claudine, I'm so happy to read this post because I'm exactly the same way!!! It seems like if I have to leave the house to do anything, then I'm better off running ALL my errands (or as many as possible) because I just don't get anything done at home/work the rest of the day! Then I have days where I don't leave the house and get a bunch of stuff done. So glad I'm not the only one! :)
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