illustration friday: germs
This is my submission for this weeks' theme of "Germs"


When I think of germs I immediately think of cleaning. After I have been sick with a cold I always clean like crazy scrubbing all the germs away!

Have a great and germ free weekend everyone!


I love this color combo--it's so fifties and so fresh at the same time.
This is so adorable!

Your cleaning lady could be me- everyday! I never get on top of it with my big family. I totally agree with you when it comes to germs. I usually throw my toothbrush out first thing after an illness. I'm crossing my fingers that the flu will miss our house this season too. TFS your collage. It's adorable as always!
Super super cute, Claudine! :) Great job! :)
I ordered your book a couple of days ago! I am looking so forward to getting it!
we should all look so posh while cleaning away those germs!!!
Love it!!
Germs germs go away don't come again to us another day...
Wonderful collage. I specially love the mop texture. And the colors are great very "hygienic" :)
SO funny! I love it!
I saw the topic and wondered what in tarnation I would nailed it, my dear! You still have that nasty cold? BUMMER!
Matching pink shoes and gloves...sweet! I love that she can throw on some fashion, even while doing housework! Love it!!
Wonderful. I love your 50s nostalgia!
OMG - It's my mom! Way cute!
this is PRECISELY what i should be doing, given that my three year old came down with a fever just six hours after i published my germ post. this is absolutely darling! i love your work!
Love it! If only the room would clean itself if I drew myself cleaning it!
amazing, It´s an excellent aboard about the subject! Really nice!
Great illustration!

Your lady looks quite wicked... She really hates germs! ;-)

You made me want to take the challenge for Illustration Friday!

And I found your stop motion dog on youtube, I love it!

Have a great day!
hey, Claudine! thanks for the inspiration to get to work. really looking forward to our spring event together! xoC
The succinctness of your work is genius. I really love your posts. Very, very fun!
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