illustration friday: frozen
Here's my submission for this weeks illustration friday theme of "frozen"


A little too much to get done today to create something new for the topic but I have this piece that I created earlier that fits the theme. This is a photo of myself when I was little. I based the artwork on my favorite pink angora sweater that I wore just about every day because I thought I was just the coolest girl in town whenever I wore it!

I have to say that this topic is perfect for today because it's raining and freezing outside. Definitely a hot chocolate day!

happy weekend everyone!


beautiful work! i love the color combination in this!
I thought that was you. :)
Beautiful work, as always.

what a sweet piece Claudine!!!
Beautiful, Claudine! You really know how to push the use of mixed media. And what a cutie you are:)
Cute, I love the bright pink!!
and you LOOKED like the coolest girl in adorable :)

We had our first snow this morning....stay warm !!
Cute and snuggly warm!
Claudine, you look wise beyond your years!
Great drawing! I like the look on your face like, "How do you like me now??" Well done!
You were the coolest kid in town, darling. Still are. Luv mummy
I love the simplicity of this one! very nice.
Simple but adorable!
Very sweet piece Claudine! The contrast of the colors is awesome.
nice art! happy weekend to you too ^^
this is delightful and so meaningful with your own childhood picture in it!
great concept - well done!
This is breathtaking! You're a total betty. It is definitely one of my top five you've ever done! Gush. gush. etc.
Cute expression! Lovely!
oH MAN! it's like looking at a salinger heroine! you make the PERFECT study for this - great idea, great balance if pix and it, claudine! :)

AND YOUR MOMMY stopped by here?

AWWW!!!! that is so so nice!!!! "))
Hello Claudine,

You look the same!

~ Gabriela ~
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