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Time for another post about the kitties! Here are some recent pics!

Stanley cat loves the Ikea bags

Stan loves these giant Ikea bags. when I get them out to use them for laundry or groceries he hops right in. Makes a great crinkle sound.

Stanley cat says this is a great pillow

Stan says this legal pad makes a great pillow!

Mabel cat in her stroller

Mabel in her stroller on her way to the vet. We put her carrier in the stroller and then zip the stroller shut so she can't get out. This way if she wants she can stay in her carrier or she can peek out to have a look around. This is a special pet stroller not a baby stroller even though it looks like one! I use it to take to her to vet which is only about 4 blocks away. She loves looking out, but when I take Stan he will have none of it and stays in the carrier.

mabel cat lounging on my desk

Mabel cat also loves lounging on my desk!


Wow, that pet stroller is way cool. I've never seen one before. Love kitty kats. :) LindaSonia
Nice pictures of the kitties, Claudine.
cats are the best! i miss my kitties so much! i am currently cat-less but i live vicariously through your updates. thanks claudine! i can't wait to adopt another kitty when the time calls.
Great idea! We have a pet stroller, but I can't get my kitties to stay inside. They nose their way through the zipper and try and jump out. I never thought to put their carrier in the stroller. Thanks for the tip!
awww - cuteness!! we have 4 kitty kids and I'm going to check out that stroller!

I just got all your paints and am enjoying playing with them!!
Lily us at the vet to be "fixed". I can't wait to have her back. She has springs for legs and can get up on anything!! She loves to sit on top of the stairs post like a statue.
Smiles, Andra
OH, Claudine, thank you so much for the kitty fix .... Love it. I sniffle when I look at Stan and Mabel. They look so much like my Golden Boy (lived to be 17) and Tabitha (lived to be 20)..... beautiful thoughts and memories swirl around me.... xoxo
Just got an email about the upcoming Big Picture classes you'll be teaching and they sounded very cool, so I had to check out your blog...and then I see all these pics of adorable kitties and I know I'm going to have to sign up when the class becomes available. Thanks for reminding me to take my kitties out in the stroller again. It's been a while! :)
I LOVEEEE your ginger cat!! he just looks soo sweet and up to something at the same time... :D

Love that!

Mine has that same thing... hehehe, but looks way different :)

Luv, karin
YOU are an interesting gal!
Claudine, thanks for sharing your kitties with us. Mabel has such a sweet face and Stan is the Man!!
I enjoy your unique artistic style and watch for you in my stamping and craft mags. Enjoyed it when you were featured on the Hero Arts blog!!
thanks for the info on the strollers. Wesley is 15 and he still loves his walks, but he just can't go as far as he used to ... this is the perfect solution .... ordered him one today!
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