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I got home last night from a fabulous trip to Maine teaching a workshop at Artascope Studios! What a beautiful location to have a workshop and amazing and wonderful workshop hosts too! Thank you Catherine, Suzanne and Marina! It was a treat to teach at your beautiful studio! Also thank you to everyone who came out to take my class!

Here's the super cute house that the studios are in. It's a converted Victorian that has a jewelry studio, glass making studio and painting studios as well as the cutest store!

My products @ artascope store in ME

Here's the little display of my product line in the Artascope store.

Portland Headlight lighthouse

On my first day of teaching at lunch break we took a very short drive to the nearby lighthouse which is Porthead lighthouse the same one that Hopper painted.

Here's Hopper's version!

I can tell this book will make me cry

When we were talking books over breakfast, Renee from my workshop mentioned this one. Then I found it at the teeny bookstore at the Portland airport. What are the chances?! I figured it was fate and I should read it so I got it. I bought it knowing it was about a dog, thinking it would make me sad, but not having any clue what was in store for me!! After the first 5 pages I cried all over the place at gate 8 waiting for my flight. I almost returned it composing a few times in my head, what I would say to the guy at the gift store. But then decided to keep it and finish it at home. It makes me think of Toby.

Now I am home recovering, catching up on work and tomorrow is the U2 concert! This is shaping up to be an exciting week!

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I loved the art of racing in the rain as well. I read it this past summer, and it really tugged at my heart as well. I would really like to believe the world worked this way!
Hi Claudine,
I loved being in the workshop this weekend. Your witty personality and all of the artistic knowledge makes you one terrific teacher. Thank you!
What fun was had this weekend! Thank you for being YOU. I kept having to remind myself that you are a nationally recognized are so humble and funny and fun! I hope our paths cross again one day...maybe for some sushi?
Claudine, your energy & your spirit touches everyone you meet. Thank you for a wonderful workshop! It was totally an artful discovery because of you. BTW, where did you have sushi in Portland?! :)

p.s. I'm so sorry that you cried at the airport missing Toby!
Claudine. Hope you got the chance to finish Racing in the Rain. I finished the book in 2 evenings and loved it so much I even emailed the author (which I have never done in the past). Yes, it is sad, but OHHH to live life through the eyes of a dog.
Wish you would do a workshop in Alaska. : )
What a beautiful location. What a treat is must have been for you and your attendees to have a workshop in such a wonderful environment!
Claudine I gave the signed copy of Collage Discovery to my student Nicole she was sooo excited the first thing she did after she gave me a hug was show her mom who has a copy unsigned. I hope she can go to the portland workshop next year.I had a wonderful weekend and I already started having my High School students working on the gel medium transfers and my 4th graders are going to a halloween themed transfer with photos of themselves spooky one thanks again Deb S
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