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Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook are probably sick of hearing about my pets, but this weekend I received a few emails asking about Stan and Mabel since I hadn't posted about them in a long time... so I thought a pet update blog post was due!

Trying to do yoga around these two

Here's Stan and Mabel on my yoga mat in the morning!

Actually I had purposely not posted about Mabel because we've had a little medical drama with her the last 6 weeks. It seemed as if every time I posted about one of our pets with a medical issue then my very next post would end up being about some dire prognosis that they had received. So I got a little superstitious and decided not to blog about Mabel. Seems she's on the mend now so (knock on wood) she'll be fine!

Mabel cat taking a nappy nap

Here's Mabel showing off her belly after her recent ultrasound. She had to have her liver looked at with ultrasound when her liver levels in her blood skyrocketed to insane levels. After consulting with various internal medicine specialists and numerous tests, we still haven't quite figured out what was going on, but things seem to be heading in the right direction, her last tests have been *almost* normal. Whew! Fingers crossed!


Then if that wasn't enough visits to the vet it was time for Stanley's quarterly echo-cardiogram. Stan has juvenile onset heart disease (HCM) + asthma. So at only 3 years old we have to check on his heart every few months. His last check up was great and there had been improvement in his heart, so I was naively expecting them to tell me that he was "cured" when I brought him in this time. Not quite. His heart has shown some worsening of the disease so I was really sad about that, but we are helping him along with meds he gets Enalapril and Altenol + baby aspirin for his heart. And Flovent + Albuterol for his asthma. He is so spunky and energetic that you would never know there was anything going on!

Paul giving Stanley his asthma meds using the areoKat+ flovent

Here's a photo of Stan taking his asthma meds at night!

So that's the update on the kitties! We're still missing Toby doggie so much. It still feels like he's on vacation and will be coming back at any minute! I can't shake that feeling that it didn't really happen and he'll be back. It's been 4 months, but we're just not used to it. My good friend Bernie from A Place to Bark has been tempting me with photos of her beautiful doggies at her shelter. We're aiming for the spring to bring in a new family member to the household. Have to make sure that Stan and Mabel are OK with the idea first!


you know, I dont really feel like I get sick of hearing about anyone's pets. I feel like they are children and they are important. If my pet were going through a rough time or had a health issue, I would hope others would care too!! That said, I also totally appreciate funny stories and cute pictures about pets!
Thanks for the update, Claudine. I hadn't heard that Stan wasn't making the progress you had hoped for. But if he doesn't feel bad, there's some relief, eh?

So much drama with our little furballs. But they all get through it with such good humor. Much better about being sick than most human patients!

Glad Mabel's doing better!
Our pets are little extensions of ourselves, parts of our family. We have a kitty (she is 3) and we adore her! My daughter considers her, her cat, but she loves all of us! Funny, I have to take albuterol and Flovent at night, too! By the way, my parents just got two puppies and I hear all their health updates before they talk about my nephews (they all live on the opposite coast! Thanks for the updates and the great photos, take care, Cheryl
Claudine, never tired about hearing about your babies!! They are our kids.

Fellow Kitty Mommie,
Thanks, Claudine. I love seeing photos of your kitties. I lost my Cricket in 05 I still miss him so much, however, Claudine, it does get better altho there will always be a special place in my heart for him. I live vicariously thru by BFF's little Westie who comes over all the time for visits and I babysit for him. I refuse to do facebook and so I don't see your posts there. Yes, I follow you on twitter BUT that is not the same as these adorable photos you posted! Thank you. Stanley reminds me of my Golden Boy who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 97 and Mabel reminds me of my Tabitha who crossed over to be with Golden Boy in 98. xoxoxo to all of you!
HUGS cat lady (heh-heh)! Seriously, I don't tire of hearing about your babies...especially, when there are great photos of them and their yoga loving ways! I'm so glad that they're on the mend and doing better. It's so hard sometimes -- especially, because they can't tell us everything (just sort of point us in particular direction).

So here's to you, your "kids," and to future good health!

Hi! Your pets are so cute. They look healthy and strong. Have a great time!
Awww its so nice to see the kitties...they are just darling. I have 2 cats myself along with 3 dogs so I know how you feel about your animals.

I hope they are all on the mend now!
Never, ever sick of hearing about the furries. Grandson Jared takes that asthma thing too...he looks just like Stan does in the picture !

Just FYI...I blogged yesterday on a painting done by my friend Chris Nicholson where she used your paints and I thought she had bought the painting...go check it out when U have a sec.
The furries are in my thoughts.
I love hearing about your cats..they are family..
What beautiful kitties! So sweet!
Hi Claudine and thanks for the update on the "kitters"! I do love hearing about and seeing them! I hope you and Paul are doing weel too! Sara White
Love the kitty update. They are both so adorable and happy.
I know what you mean about Toby; we feel the same about our Merlyn, who we lost at nearly the same time.
xoxox from my kitties to yours...
Aww, look at Stan sitting so nice for his treatment! Our cat took his insulin shots like a trooper for years:)
I love hearing about pets, my blog is filled with my two kitties. One of mine has Chronic Renal Failure, so I understand the trials of pet medical issues! Your kitties are so lucky to have such great pet parents like you! Hang in there and best wishes for healthier days!
Great post...i dont know how you get your kitty to sit still for the albuterol lol..mine are too smart these soon as my Salem sees the Prednisone come out of the cabinet he bolts...HCM is not fun..I lost my lilac point to HCM last year, after spending over 5 grand on the end we were carrying him around like a baby. Love your blog..initially surfed in because it is an art blog, but stayed for the cats! :-)
your cat are just gorgeous! I could not help but laugh at the picture of Mabel on her back. My Poppy does the same, but I have not been able to take a good pic yet.
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