illustration friday: impatience
Here's my submission for this weeks' illustration friday theme of "impatience"


This was a fun piece to work on! Have a great weekend everyone!

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this is great - so funny!
Wow... you have a really cool style. I like the mixture of black and white photos with illustration. Nice!
Boy, I had the hardest time posting a comment here... finally i went to illo friday and just clicked on to the link, phew! Blogger seems a little under the weather :) I love this the guy sure is handsome :) clever and delightful!
Your work is so fun and contemporary. Wow--a product line and a spot on Martha! You're like a minor celebrity :^D. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Great illo! Though in our house, I'm usually the one doing the waiting!
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Hi Claudine, thanks for visiting my blog. Your style is so cool! I really love it!
been there done that :O) very nice, great illustration and fantastic idea!
But she looks so pretty!!!

Something we can all relate to!!
LOL - I've been told this is my mother-in-law and my father-in-law since they met!

As always, you hit it out of the ball park.
This is a great illustration! I love it.
Oh my gosh isn't this every man??? he he hee! Great style and texture. Love your work. I'm a big fan too.
Wonderfully retro! Love the look on their faces, especially hers! I can imagine her saying "Beauty takes time darling!" LOL!
This guy just needs more experience. He'll learn to do something else other than look at his watch. Way to convey!
Great idea and fantastic work!
I adore the style in which you draw clothing. That man's suit is fabulous!
haven't we all been there before ???? great, fun piece !!!
Hey Claudine. . .long time no talk.

Wonderful work. I love this one. Waiting is definitely not my game. Doesn't look like he likes waiting either. But she is just so happy getting all ready to go out.

Very Fun! The best part about your art is that it's sooo original.
Great illustration :) am loving it, but in our house, the men are ALWAYS late!
I think they are going to be late. Just remembered my hubby got scolded by his father a few days ago of being late for the dinner.
Your collage is always superb! BTW, love your you tube demo!
oh! Wonderful! Gosh, what a summer! Its been too long since I stopped by your blog. Buuuut... I made it and I'll be here for awhile! Always love to watch your video tutorials!
I hope she doesn't keep him waiting too long. He's so handsome I may just have to snatch him up for myself! :P
Excellent piece for this week!! Truly! Just love it...your work is fabulous.
Hi Claudine!
Thanks for your comment on my IF entry, I really appreciate it! You, of course, knocked it out of the park with this one - too funny!
Hi! This is a fantastic piece...every mans nightmare i'm sure...heehee! I absolutely LOVE your work and have done for a while- v.inspiring! :-)
This is very true!
Love the staging.
Congrats! Your work is very nice.
this is FANTASTIC :]
Great illustration! Congrats!
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