friends and cupcakes!
Today was Hello Cupcake's 1st year anniversary so they were giving away free cupcakes! I couldn't miss out on this so my friend Lorraine and I met there and enjoyed our delicious cupcakes which tasted even better because they were FREE!! I read on the Hello Cupcake web site they gave away 2,500 cupcakes! That's a lot of yummy goodness!!

Free cupcake day @ Hello Cupcake

After cupcakes Lorraine and I walked over and stopped by the Textile Museum. Hard to resist the goodies in the gift shop! Fun fun fun!

Lorraine is one of my favorite people in DC. She is so much fun just being around her makes me happy! She wore a cupcake necklace to the event and brought me one to wear while were there too :)

I have posted this photo of her amazing garden at her house over by the Cathedral to my Twitter but I have to show you here again:

My friend Lorraine's garden

I have dreams of having a garden like this one day! It is like a magical fairy garden! And of course there is a GREAT story about how her neighbors did not approve of her purple painted shed! How could you not love that shed!?

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that shed and the chairs are fabulous. I LOVE it... and a cupcake sounds delicious right now!
I LOVE this backyard! And those cupcakes look yummy, I'll have to join you there one of these days! :)
Who wouldn't love that shed? Oh yeah probably my neighbors. My dream is to live in the middle of 10 acres someday where it won't matter if I let wild weeds grow because I think they are pretty. Love your picture of those cupcakes!
Such lovely colors and an amusing shape-- and love the dainty chairs! I would totally ignore the neighbors and thoroughly enjoy this gardenscape. What do they know?
What a garden and the shed... to die for. Oh well, you know neighbors especially by the Cathedral! LOL. Lovely post and thank you for doing the photos here.
Good morning,

This shed rocks! Love it!
And I really hope is going to stay.

I wish I could grab a cupcake...:O)They look yummy!

~ Gabriela ~
what do neighbors know !!??
it's wonderful and life affirming
The shed and setting are awesome!

What was at the Textile Museum? Reading your post makes me homesick for the DC area.
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