beeswax collage DVD sale!
My Beeswax Collage DVD is on sale! From now until July 28th you can get it for $10 off when you order from the Creative Catalyst web site.

Here's a preview:

A short description:

In my most recent DVD, Beeswax Collage, I'll show you my favorite techniques using beeswax combined with collage. You’ll learn how to combine images, papers, wax transfers, fabrics, even metal and create three projects, all with beeswax! With simple supplies, you’ll be able to create pieces with of color and texture. First you'll learn the techniques in eight separate demos, then later you'll use those techniques to create three unique projects: cards, whimsical photo art and a framed collage.

How to order:
Click here to order now and save $10! Retail Price: $32.95 Sale Price: $22.95 Sale Ends 7/28/09


I just bought your other two dvds and thought you did a great job. I loved the acrylic caulking image transfer technique! By far the least complicated transfer method I've seen to date.

Went out and bought some caulking today but could only find one tht says "clear bug seal latex -- siliconized acrylic latex caulking." Think it will work? Do you have a favorite brand?

Maybe next time this is one is on sale, I'll buy it, too.
My favorite caulking for that tech is the Elmer's Squeeze N Caulk. or you can use DAP. But try what you have! it might work!
Hi Claudine! I am a jewelry artist that is quickly becoming obssesed with atc's and mixed media! I love your blog here, and am very interested in your new dvd. I looked at the supply list, where would I purchase the beeswax and that small iron?
Forgive my ignorance, but this is all new to me!
Hi Claudine ~ I adore your work and your Studio paints are FABULOUS!!! I was all set to purchase your DVD, but when I went through to check out, first class shipping was $7.91, nearly 35% of the cost of the DVD. I understand a reasonable handling fee, but that just seems crazy. I'm not usually one to bring these things up (I usually just abandon my cart & move on), but thought I'd leave my comment. Thanks again for the inspiration!
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