transferring images using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints
Just about everyone has done a transfer using gel medium (or Multi- medium in my product line) but did you know you can transfer images directly into my Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints too?

Here's how:

First paint your surface using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints in your favorite color - or mix a color yourself! Here, I am painting a 2x2" square of Sticky-back Canvas with Painterly Pink.

Press your photocopied image directly into the wet paint. Press gently to make sure there is good contact. Laser copies will work best for this technique - for example the copies you make at the Kinkos or Office Depot. Not the kind that come from your home inkjet copying machine. You use a color copy or a b/w copy, just keep in mind that your paint color that you choose will show through a little bit, so keep that in mind when you choose your copy and paint color! Also your image will be reversed when you transfer it, so if you have words make sure to flip the image in the copying machine.

Allow to dry completely. I prefer to let it dry for a couple hours. The #1 thing that can go wrong with this techqniue is not allowing it to dry all the way. Once dry then spray the back of the copy with water, I like to make a little puddle and let the water sit for a minute or two. You will start to see the paper go transparant.

Gently rub off the paper pulp with your fingers. Once all the paper pulp is removed your transfer is done!!

That's it! You have created a transfer into paint!

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How cool is that! My printer died and I broke down and ordered an all in one. Soon as it gets here I will have to try this.
this remains a cool technique and with the beautiful colours of your studio paints it just makes it way more fun to do!

i'm still so in love with these paints, my fav for my mixed media!!
this is soo cool! i never thought that you can also use paint to transfer images, i've only tried this technique using gel medium. thanks claudine! can't wait to try this..
WOW!! This looks like great fun- I need to get some of that canvas! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Claudine,
Now I'm glad I waited to do my father's day cards. I've got some sticky-back canvas and paint upstairs - I'm heading up there now to check it out.
I definitely have to try this!

~ Gabriela ~
This is a wonderful tutorial. You always make everything look so easy with your clear instructions and wonderful examples. I love your products, and now I have something new to try using them.

I've never done an image transfer but I can see all the possibilities.

Do you have to do this on canvas?

Does it work equally well with photos and graphic images?

wow! That is fab! Thanks for the tip!
okay, like this is pretty cool!!!
I jusr did a test on an envelope and any photocopy image walaaaaaa it worked!! thanks for the tip!
I so can't wait until I can aford your products...I'm having a pain pump implant next month and I'm hopeing to be able to work again...
Cool! That is exactly the same technique we use for transferring images to polymer clay. I guess there is a similar material in the paint that there is in the clay that bonds nicely to the toner in the photocopies. Neat to know... one more cool trick to add to the brain!
This looks much less toxic that the old MEK way! thanks for sharing it with us!

Hi Claudine,
Thanks for the demo, I am looking into buying your paints here in Australia...Would magazine pictures be okay to transfer if I cant get to a laser copy place?...xx
Wow, Fabby technique, thanks for sharing, will have to try this one...just popped by to say thank you for those incredible paints, they are my ultimate favourite..all I need now is to get the whole collection and I will be a very happy crafter :O)) Have a great week..Hels x
What an AWESOME transfer technique, Claudine! THANK YOU for sharing! Guess what? CONGRATULATIONS!! You have been nominated for a blog award!!! Please see my blog for details!!!
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