the puppies + kittens need you!
Here's a video that is 100% sure to tug at your heartstrings. It's a photo slide show of all the precious lives saved by Bernie Berlin, of A Place to Bark animal rescue. Every-single-one of these animals wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Bernie. Watch this video and feel the impact of what she does!

Bernie you're amazing!!!

How you can help A Place to Bark

Donate just $5 or $10
will help save another life and go toward helping A Place to Bark finish the much needed indoor shelter!Even though Bernie has money in her 6 degrees badge that money is already accounted for in vet bills. I can not stress enough how expensive rehabbing these animals is. I know just from myself with our pets how quickly we can burn through money. Now imagine that times 500 dogs + kitties per year. Just feeding them alone costs a fortune! Every little bit that you can donate will help!!! These animals wouldn't be alive if it weren't for A Place to Bark!

Buy a stamp! 100% of select rubber stamp designs go towards A Place to Bark's Cat Shelter!

Friend A Place to Bark on Twitter or Facebook to follow along with her adventures!

Spread the word about the great work Bernie does! Post to your blogs, Facebook and Twitter! We need to help A Place to Bark finish the shelter!

How Bernie gets these dogs to smile never ceases to amaze me :-)
I LOVE that you blogged about this!!! Saving animals is my heart and soul and we need to spread the word about how important it is as often as possible!!! Yeah for A Place to Bark and many other wonderful rescue groups!
Many purrs and woofs,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl
Thank you for posting this Claudine. The video brought tears to my eyes, Bernie is amazing and we need more people like her in this world. I'm going to post this to my blog too.
Bernie is amazing! : )
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