illustration friday: drifting
Here is my entry for this week's illustration friday prompt of "drifting".

I actually have two pieces for this topic. This first one was the first idea that came to me:


"they had no plans that day, they would just drift"

While I was working on the first piece, I got the idea for this next one! I left the background with just line drawing (I was too tired out to finish the piece) and then I decided that I liked it that way!


"Alice noticed that Bob's eyes kept drifting away from her face."

It's been forever since I had time to create artwork for illustration friday! yay! glad to be back!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! That is SOOOOO creative and great - I'm talking about illo number 2. Love that his eyes kept very clever. I really like number 1 too!

Your work is fantastic - I'm so happy to have discovered your work. : ) thanks for your kind comments at my little blog!
Hee hee hee! Illustration number 2 made me smile. The expression and angle of his face is just perfect, and her with the hand on the hip, realizing that her Wonderbra IS that powerful... :)

Love your work. Thank you for posting it! Take good care of yourself - the world needs you.
hello claudine,

i was so thrilled to see your comment showed up on my blog!
i've known you and your collage art for a long time and i've even bought one of your books "collage discovery workshop: beyond the unexpected". it's so exciting to have the artist i like visiting my blog.

thank you!

Both pieces are just great...but that second one ROCKS!! Cracked me up!!
Hahaha, they are both deelightful!!! Funny and clever. Nice to see your back and blazing away :)
Oh this is so clever and cool!great work!I really like it.:)
Love them both Claudine. "Um. Alice? Did you KNOW that your right breast sags somewhat down and to the side?" lol. too funny!
It's wonderful to have you back! I love them both! You are amazing!
I just love your work. . .it always, always makes me so nostalgic!

I love the sketch in the background too! It really makes the man and woman in the front stand out in the foreground.

The first one reminds me of the Sunday drives when I was a kid.

Wonderful work!
made me smile at this awful time in the morning here in the UK!
bob and alice are priceless!!
This is so cool and fun! I have always, always loved your illustrations. So whimsical delicious and off the wall. They look so cool there in the car drifting along. Great post and of course fabulous work!!!
This is brilliant! Thanks for your message on my blog, I'm a big admirer of your work. Regards from the UK, Ana
These are so awesome!
These are great! I love the combination of collage and lines
These are great, the second one is just hilarious! I'm an admirer of your work, your books and your sunny outlook on life, so I was so pleased to have you visit my blog - thanks for your comment!
these are both great, claudine. bob's body language is priceless!

I love the way you combine the elements in your images!
OMG - The first one is SOOOO my hubs and me! And the second one is just funny - eyes up, buddy...
I really like the background being left as a simple line drawing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that the boobs were uneven.
Thanks for sharing your work. You're a huge inspiration for me!
Love them both. That bottom one makes me smile-it's kind of sad how often that happens...
I enjoyed looking at your blog and just love your style! Your collages are wonderful!
Hilarious! I especially love the second one!
Hahaha, the second illo cracked me up. What a great idea!
i want to jump in the car and drive away with them!
wonderful work...and that second one...too funny !!! :)
Both of these are quite wonderful! It would be hard to choose a favorite.
They're both really good, sadly or happily the second one has never happen to me. I do really like the un-colorized background on the second one.

Oh and hey we're moving your way, looking for a house somewhere downtown but may end up in ol'virginie.
2 fun spins on the promt - very cool! great lines & color pops
He, he... nr two is so funny. How typical men, eh?! You reeally made a great illustration to address that kind of drifting! Really like the first one two, but nr 2 made the day!
These are very retro! I love the The no- color background is awesome!
Claudine, They both are wonderful! Isn't it nice to create art for art's sake! The drifting eyes is too funny. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!
absolutely love it - how fun...very funny - thanks for sharing it~!~
love both these pieces.. they made me smile! the goofy look on the face of that guy in red car is hilarious!! and, i noticed where the other guy was looking before i even red the caption. well done!
I like the line drawing in the background of #2, too. Your drawing skills are terrific and really set the stage for the poppets.
These are so much fun! I really like your line drawing in the background for your two very bright and colorful figures. Both of them made me smile! :) Silke
welcome back to IF! These are both great, but the 2nd one really cracked me up! Fabulous!
Claudine, both are fabulous. Your style and color choices are so fun. I want the rest of the story on #2! Just so fun.
thanks everyone for the super sweet comments!!! so appreciated!!!
They are both great Claudine. The second one would be perfect in the fitting area of a lingerie store. It would make people smile for sure.
I love the one with Bob and Alice! Made me smile - good one!
Your work is always so inspiring, Claudine.
Wow! Love your funky style!
hi claudine, i meant to comment earlier but then went to your other sites, my mind drifted...hahha. i love both of these. look how old bob is! hasn't he figured out how to do that without a gal catching him yet???
I especially love the second one. LOL!
Claudine, that is too funny! Great pieces.
I am so thrilled to see your comment on mine for IF, many thanks!!

I happened to know your illustrations once from Youtube long time ago. You are just so creative. Great style!!

The background of the second piece is wonderful!! Beautiful line drawing!!
Your work is incredible!
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