new books in my studio
I have two new books that just arrived in my studio all about paper folding and paper engineering. Both of these books are inspiring and make me wish for a little more free time so I can play and experiment with these techniques!


The first book is the The Pocket Paper Engineer by Carol Barton. What a great pop-up instruction book!


Here's a view of one of the inside pages. The books have little elements tucked inside pockets in each chapter that you can use to experiment with the paper folding techniques that Carol shows you. There are tons and tons of diagrams. Super detailed instructions with fold outs and pop-ups you can try right away. Turns out that Carol lives near the DC area and teaches classes, I can't wait to sign up for one!


The second book is Interactive Art Workshop by Kim Rae Nugent. I actually have a piece in the back in the gallery section! This book arrived arrived just about the same time as the Pocket Paper Engineer. Hmmmm.... maybe my muse is trying to tell me that I need to be doing more pop-ups!

Kim's book is an interactive treat! I love how she combines mixed media art with interactive constructions. One of the things that always intimidates me about making pop-ups is that I feel I would need to be neat and tidy with my paper and not get paint all over it. Kim, throws those fears out the window and shows how you can make interactive MIXED media art!


glad to have stumbled across your blog, you have a very interesting style! :)

Hi Claudine, I just started following you on Twitter. I have loved your stuff for a long time! Glad I can keep up with you through Twitter.
That first book looks especially awesome...ughh..Fighting back the NEED to add that to my Amazon cart:-) Thanks for sharing them!
Very kewl blog! Your talent just oozes from you. Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Cool! I have a few books waiting for my attention, too... so many great ideas just waiting to be found inside those pages, isn't that fun? :)
hi claudine!
i always love your book reviews. i have had these on my wishlist and now i will go an buy them.
:) melissa
I love it! Yes, the muse says,

"make Poppet Pop-Ups!"
Wow...those books look like tons of fun. While my book budget isn't going to allow me to is at least something that can be added to my Christmas wishlist!!
Be sure to show us what you create with them!
OH! I keep hearing about this book and I want it! But I just bought Where Women Work, 1000 Artist Journals, Handmade Nation, 47 other magazines and art books, and I've post-it noted them and have a list of projects! Do you think if I got this one, too, I'd go over the maximum footage recommended to continue daily functioning?

I just don't want to be considered a 'crazy craft lady'
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