busy busy!
I am feeling a lot like one of Santa's elves working away in my workshop on custom orders for Christmas! Right now my work table is filled with canvases in various stages of completion. I have a lot to get done before we leave on Wednesday for Florida for Thanksgiving.

It didn't help that I smashed my hand by accident on a kitchen cabinet and then spent a good part of the day icing it down so I could draw and type! It's still swollen, I am wondering when the swelling will go down. At least it doesn't hurt anymore so tomorrow I should be nice and productive barring any unforeseen injuries!


Oh miss Claudine!

There are way too many complications in life to add swollen fingers to the mix. BE careful out there!

Hope the swelling goes down soon.

xoxo - Chel
oh dear! its good to hear about all the work but bad about the fingers! Hopefully they will be ok tomorrow. Ice and raising them above your head often, will help the swelling go down. I can also send you Reiki/Qi if you like-was it the left hand?
Yes, Reiki's good. Also, arnica cream is excellent for bruises and sore muscles. You can get it at a natural food store. I'm always amazed at how quickly it relieves.
Hurting a hand is my biggest worry!
Hope it feels better today!
Oh honey hope your hand feels better soon!
Yikes, blessings to you and your hand.
When was the last time you took a proper vacation? You need a good vacation from all your orders... right after the holidays. :)
happy to hear you're going to need a nice rest! Kiss the boo-boo & make it better !
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