red rock country here i come!
I'll be headed off early, crazy early (4:30am) in the morning to catch a flight to Arizona I'll meet up with my Mom in the Phoenix airport and then we'll head to Sedona for my 4 day workshop at the Sedona Arts Center! I haven't seen my Mom since August so I am super excited for this trip!

This is my first time where I have shipped everything in advance and I am bringing nothing but my carry on case. So far I am really liking this method. Two weeks ago, I packed everything up and shipped it off, whereas normally the night before I leave to teach I am racing around packing everything. This feels oddly relaxed. All I have to do is pack my clothes! And now with the airlines charging for even the first bag that you check it won't even cost me much more than it would to fly with all this stuff. We'll see how it works out shipping everything back! Maybe next year I'll do this for all my trips!

I was so annoyed, UsAir wouldn't let me select seats when I booked my flights, so I checked in this morning and paid extra for a window seat because there are no aisle seats left. Only 2 window seats and the rest were all middle seats. gasp! 5 hours with a middle seat, no way! I am hoping I might be able to get an aisle seat once I get to the airport tomorrow.

Today I have been racing around sending out emails, tying up lose ends. A trip to the Post office and lots of laundry. I still need to throw some clothes into my suitcase and then download some this American Life Episodes to my ipod.

I'll try to blog from the road, but after teaching each day I'll be enjoying much needed time with my Mom. I will be
updating my Twitter from my cell phone. Follow my trip via Twitter here. Or in the sidebar right here on my blog!

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Hope you have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing about everything!
La Donna
safe trip!

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Have a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it. And enjoy the time you have with your mom!
enjoy your trip to sedona! i'm sure that your mom is just as excited as you are...have a great time!
Hi Claudine,

I'm at work right now and just want to cry. I wanted to go to your 4 day workshop so badly. I love the picture of the Sedona Arts Center. I sent up a little prayer that somehow, I'd be able to go:( I'm so sad. I'm going to go next year. Plus, I'm going to have a week at a great spa, no matter what!

Well, back to my designs. At least I love, love, love them. Wish I were there. Have fun with your mom:)
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hoping you have a blast with your mom and teaching in such a beautiful spot! (what's up with the weird/inapprop/spammy letter-comment up there? Bad form! Just returned from a restaurant where we all were forced to listen to a woman's cell rant about her declining portfolio...Ack!) Anyway, before I start to sound like one of them........just wishing you a bit of fun, Claudine! xoC
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