monday in a nutshell
Today I:
  • updated my web site
  • tried to make a PDF form, got annoyed with Acrobat and gave up after 45min
  • worked on custom artwork orders for the holidays
  • walked to the DHL drop off place and the post office
  • unpacked my Sedona supply boxes that arrived back home today
  • made a list of supplies for my North Carolina class in just a few weeks
  • worked on a color chart using my new paints
  • broke my MAC keyboard by spilling water on it :(
  • made an appt with the acupuncturist for next week
  • emails, emails and more emails
  • watched Heroes


COMMENTS: & keyboard issues remind me of me!
Sounds like you had an eventful day...some good and some not so good! (I am a Heros watcher too... just got done watching tonight... it's getting good!)

Happy Painting!
no stressing allowed ! remember the rules ! Uggs, scarfs, silk underwear, warm're gonna be fine ! Doggie will be fine too!! I saw Michelles jeans in person today...wowie! Claudine and her Studio paints rock!
ohhh poor keyboard!!!:-(
but beat this one... my little boy poured a cup of coffee over my entire laptop last week and.... all my 560 photo's of my adventure at Ranger U, my trips to the NJ coast, my day in NEW YORK are all gone!!! i was devistated!!! luckely soem of the wonderful attendees of Ranger U have been sending me pics since my cry for help!!!

still! poor keyboard, i know how it feels... i sympathize :-)
Tell me more about the acupunturist--What problem do you have that you go for? I have "knots" in my shoulders--I have tried massage therapy and chiropractics but neither helped. I have been considering acupunture.

More info please.

I've done a .pdf form before -- it is frustrating! If you need help, though, give me a yell and perhaps I can help you!
try your mac keyboard again once it dries out. sometimes they still work!
Hi Claudine
some days just suck... I had to drive far, but today in Holland was one of the biggest traffic jams so i spent almost 5 hours driving instead of 2,5 hours... grr... But the pdf thing should be easy on a mac. In teksteditor or in word (works both the same) you go to the printing menu (option p, used to be control p on your pc) and then in the left under area it says pdf. You can then choose the option SAVE AS PDF and that is it!!
(here in holland your product line will be available soon, can not wait!!!!)
Claudine, I'm so sorry for your wasted day...I can beat you and I'm sorry to say, my day was way less productive than yours! boo hoo.

Let's both have a great one tomorrow, ok?!?

You should make this a Monday regular feature. It's kind of fun getting a quick cap of your day. You've had some great success in life and it is neat to see how your day is spent.

thanks for the idea! I think I will give that a try!

I'm going to the acupuncturist for migraine headaches. I went before in FL but then moved just as seemed like it was starting work, so now going to try again!
I agree with the previous comment about letting the keyboard dry out and then trying again. You might even want to put it in front of a floor fan.

Heroes is one of my favorite shows!
hey claudine.... most programs on a mac.. if you goto print you can then save as a .pdf

just trying to help ;)
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