making time to make tiny little things
This week feels really busy! Busier than the usual REALLY busy pace. This week feels CRAZY busy! I have been in a flurry of emailing, returning phone calls and making art as fast as I can. Against my better judgment I have joined a miniature swap - as IF I time to be doing this!

I met Amy (from Inspire Co) a few weeks ago when I first moved here and she told me about this miniature swap, called Club Little House that she hosts. I got so excited! (see previous swaps from Club Little House here)

I immediately thought of all the mini things I used to make for my Barbies in their Dream House. I loved Barbies!! When I was about 6 or 7 I made a fireplace out of an old Jello box and glued on tiny rocks that I gathered from the driveway (can you tell this was the early 80's when rock covered fireplaces were all the rage)! I made a mantle out of a little piece of wood and added "flames" with colored tissue.

I loved making tiny food for my Barbies out of that clay that you make out of flour. It was so exciting! I remember the thrill of making things just to MAKE things. Sometimes I forget that with my long list of things-to-do.

As soon as Amy sent out the announcement about this swap I was IN. Do I have time to be doing this - not really. But it's reminding me of my childhood and the little spark of creating things just for fun, so I think maybe that it's that I don't have the time NOT to do it. Because that is what creativity is all about right?

What am I going to make for this swap? I have an idea! Now to see if it works! I'll keep you updated!
Good for you! You NEED to do something just to have Fun!!
When what you do stops being any fun...then you're not doing what you should.
Always take time to play :)
Ooh, I used to make all sorts of stuff for my Barbies, too. I didn't have the Dream House, so I made my own house by taking the books off my bookcase. Can't wait to see what you dream up for the swap!
have fun with your mini's swap, sounds like a challenge!!!
Yes! We all must take the time, each and every day, for some fun. Even if there's "no time." (There's never time.) I'm glad you said yes...
i'm so glad that you decided to go for it! oh, you're going to have so much fun with this! i remember making things for my Barbies, too. and my troll dolls, and my brother's GI Joes...
Barbie! Those were the days, even for us brits...cereal boxes were handy for all sorts of 'house extensions' back then!! :) Debs
Most of my childhood was spent looking for things that could be repurposed for Barbie! The banana split containers at The Dairy Queen made great bathtubs!
this sounds like so much fun Claudine...I so loved making stuff for my barbies...
this sounds like so much fun Claudine...I so loved making stuff for my barbies...
OMG! I remember half the fun of playing Barbies was making them a house. My sister and I used to use record album covers for their walls! Shows you how old I am!
Hey girl! You know I LOVE that idea! Mini food is so fun to make. Its nice to take time out of more pressing things to just play. I do it all the time. well, not as much as I used to (like how rampant that business was when I was in college!) Hope you have a blast!cynthia
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