happy birthday mom!
A big happy 70th birthday to my Mom! I love you so much!


Here's a photo of the two of us that was taken at my Sedona AZ workshop this week! We are wearing the matching hoodies that we ran out to buy because it was so cold. All we brought were warm-weather clothes and we were freezing to death. Thank you so much to Cheri for taking this great pic!!!
Wow!! You look so much alike! I guess that's how you will know you'll look beautiful at 70, too! Happy Birthday, C's Mom!! =) -Anna.
Wow your mom looks great. I hope I look that good when I'm 70. Happy B-day Claudine's Mom.
you guys really look alike! That's amazing! Happy birthday Claudine's mom!
Kalyber said it... I hope I look that good when I'm 70. You are both beautiful women. Happy Birthday Claudia's Mom!!
Hello Claudine,

What a nice lady! Have a wonderful day!

~ Gabriela ~
LOVELY photo!!!
Happy birthday, Ann! I'm so fortunate to have you as mother-in-law. Thank you for all you have done for me through the years.
Claudine you're mum looks fantastic..... she certainly does not look 70. So beautiful, actually you are both beautiful women. Happy Birthday Claudine's Mum!!
Happy Birthday Claudine's Mom!! You guys looks fabulous!!
what a wonderful photo and how fortunate that Mom could make the trip with you ! And many happy birthday wishes to mom!!!
WOW, you both look so beautiful. My mom will be 70 in a couple months too. 70 used to seem old, but these ladies make it seem young!
Happy Birthday to your Mom! Awesome photo - you're both glowing (despite the cold temps!).
Happy Birthday Claudine's Mom. Wow!!! I hope I look that good when I am 70. Now we know where you get your beautiful smile from.
such a cute pic! so glad I got to hang out w/ you both in Alpena...your mom rocks!
You are both so very beautiful! Congrats to your mom on her BD!!!!
What a wonderful post and photo of you and your mom!
Magic and Joy!
Happy Birthday to your mother. Claudine, I have been painting for years but I really love collage. I have been recently working with canvas and collage and loving it. Your book really makes it so simple to do. I was visiting Faerie Enchantment this morning and she mentioned your products. I just love the idea of the sticky canvas, and the other products look perfect.
The picture is so cute.You and your Mom looks great :) Happy B-day to your Mom!!
You and your Mom are gorgeous! So fun that you can share your world together. . .
Love this photo of you and your mom! you both look to great together! tena
Just a lovely, lovely picture! I'm going through a tough time with my beloved mother right now (illness), so it does my heart good to see you with your mom in such a happy setting. Grace & Peace to you both!
wow how beautiful you both look and just like two peas in a pod :)
Your Mom is just as beautiful as you are.
Had a wonderful time in Sedona with my darling daughter. Learned so much just watching all the creative students doing amazing things. I'm art challenged but I used some of the teaching techniques in my UCF journalism class today and the students loved it. Thank you all for your generous comments. The photo has pride of place in my bedroom.

I (Carol V) was lucky enough to be in this class with Claudine. I am proud to say my table mate (Cheri)took this photo, and it surely depicts the beauty of both of you lovelies!
Fun class, Claudine, and we learned so much. Including how 'alarming' such events can be!

Could you two be more gorgeous if you tried !!!?? And, mom's birthday is even close to mine....we're libras...well balanced people...LOL ! So wonderful that you guys could be together again. Big HUG. Suze
Belated Happy Birthday to your mom, who is just as pretty as she was when she was sitting on Mr. Universe's shoulder.

Melissa L in Portland
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