day one of Ranger U
Today was the first day of Ranger U! We started early at 8:45am, then everyone gets their boxes of goodies and supplies, a tour of the warehouse to see the manufacturing process (love watching the Stickles coming off the conveyor belt!) then it's time to get to the good part!

The Techniques!

Suze started the day with her segment on the Melting Pot and Utee and I was in the 2nd half of the day! Everyone got to play with the entire Claudine Hellmuth Studio product line, learn a few of my very favorite techniques and then we made a fun little project! After was a grill-out at Ranger and now I am beat!

I'm all done teaching, but I'll still be here at Ranger until Monday morning! It has gotten cold up here in NJ! Brr!!!

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Can you see green?!? That's green with envy floating through my screen for all those lucky people who got to participate in this!! Have a great weekend and stay warm!
I am so jealous......Ranger U is on my list for apply for next year!!!
I need that time to save monies....
I so want to attend!
Oh yes...I'm officially jealous. I'm sure you're having an amazing time. Can't wait for details :)
I am so excited for your new product line. I can't wait to try it! I do not know how to order it though, and would love to! I live in CO and sadly we are not on that Michael's list. The only stores I found on line are far. Is there a way to order online?

I love your collages. They are so fun and stylistic! I would even say that your style has influenced mine at times. Thanks so much!
hey claudine ;) thank you soo much for teaching us all about your new product line.. i cant wait to play play play ;)

oct 08 ranger u alumni
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