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I feel like I've been racing against the clock trying to catch up with everything that piled up while I was away. So much to do and so little time! I'm off to rest my achy head, I have had the most annoying migraine on and off since Tuesday and it's driving me crazy. It seems to go away for about 6 hours each day and then come back. I can't even fend it off with my usual drugs. ugh! It's back again so time to rest!

PS did anyone watch Project Runway? I am happy Leanne won!
I'm so sorry to hear of your migraine. I suffer from headaches often but just got my first official migraine a week or so ago. Those things are awful! And Yes, I watched PR and thought Leanne was deserving to win although I love Korto and would wear many of the things she has designed this season. You are the one that got me hooked on the show a few years ago after reading your commentary on it each week!
Glad you're home, sorry about your noggin.

Yes!I watched PR and liked Leanne too. She had a good attitude but needed to wash her hair more often. :)
Yes! I'm so happy that Leanne won! She's from Portland, Oregon where I'm from! Poor girl was so busy working on those petals that she did not put the same effort into her own appearance but who ever said fashion designers were models? :)

I hope your head feels better and you find an acupuncturist to fix you up!
Migraines are nasty -- my youngest son suffers with them and I find the weather can make them even worse. Hope yours doesn't last much longer!
Yeah Leanne! As long as Kenley didn't win I was happy though. She laughed at others woes too many times for my taste. Feel better, Andra
I loved Leanne's collection. She was nice and her work lovely. Great show. Sorry about the migraine as one sufferer to another. Mine have alot to do with weather and food. Hope you feel better.
Leanne was my fave, she seemed to have a pretty good vision from the start, and I would totally buy her clothes...if I could afford them!
Yea, I am glad Leanne won too, and I had to see it all on reruns during the week. They were all pretty good. I sure couldn't do it. I like to watch the program because of the design problems they have to solve in very little time. As for migraines....maybe you will outgrow them as I did. I can empathize.

carolv (from your sedona class)
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