another monday in a nutshell
Today I:
  • got very little sleep because Toby kept us up 1/2 the night
  • rushed Toby to vet early, discovered he has an ear infection
  • was exhausted because of the rain and Toby keeping us awake
  • worked on custom artwork orders
  • figured out Martha Stewart Show submissions that I have to wrap up this week!
  • met Melissa from Capitol Hill Arts Workshop at Love Cafe to donate a piece of art for their auction gala
  • got paperwork ready for acupuncture appt tomorrow. Hoping it will help my migraines.
  • packed up custom orders for shipping
  • emails, emails and more emails
  • returned phone calls
  • watched Heroes!


sorry to hear about Toby....hope he gets that ear infection cleared up fast....

you are so busy...but it makes for a fun filled day...
So sorry to hear Toby is sick. I need to take my kitty back to the vet to check for polyps in his ear.
Obviously I don’t know your medical info, but regarding migraines:

A friend took her 10 year old son to a naturopathic and she put him on butterbur root and niacin and within a month the migraines were gone.

After three months they stopped these and immediately the migraines came back. So he takes this daily and is migraine free.

Butterbur Extra is by Vitanica, she gets it from the Doctor but you can try health food or online. She gets the niacin 500mg from GNC.

Perhaps a solution? I wish you the best of luck. Obviously I selfishly don't want anything getting in the way of your creativity!
heroes is awesome now, too bad it won't be back on until Feb! :(
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