weekend update
This weekend was all filled up by errands and more errands.

First was the Farmer's Market and then the pet supply store on 14th street. We couldn't find any birdseed there so we had to drive out to the nearest PetCo. I am obsessed with having lots of birds at our porch feeders for Mabel and Stanley to look at - cat TV!


Here they are in their favorite bird watching positions. Stan on his shelf and Mabel wedges herself on the back of the couch cushions and peeks out through the slats in the shutters.

It is oddly difficult to find birdseed here in the city, so we drove out a little bit to PetCo and stocked up with TWO 20lb bags of seed! The guy at the checkout must have thought we were nuts, but this way I don't have to go back for a really long time! Then we went to the grocery store and after that I was exhausted. I wish I could be one of those people who can run a bunch of errands and then go and do something fun. But with me it's either run errands OR do something fun. Never both. Just not gonna happen.

Today was all busy with cleaning house, laundry, bathing Toby, then packing up all my supplies for my workshop in Sedona in 2.5 weeks. Since they now the airlines charge for even the first piece of checked luggage, I am experimenting with sending EVERYTHING ahead. I usually send a little bit ahead and then bring luggage, so we'll see how this works out! I am so nervous I'll forget something so I checked my list a million times as I packed everything. I am sure it's all in there.

Speaking of workshops! Just a reminder that my last workshop of 2008 is around the corner.
It's at the Jerry's Artarama Art of the Carolina's Event in Raleigh NC November 14-16th.

I'll be teaching 3 one-day classes.

Classes are: Adventures in Color, Waxing Poetic and Collage Discovery Workshop.

Click on each of the above class titles for more information and to register for that class! Sign up soon before spaces are filled. Extra bonus! Class supplies are donated by Ranger Industries so you hardly have to bring a thing! Perfect!!

Linky shout outs to Becky Olsen for using my Claudine Hellmuth Studio products in a project on her blog and Jen Starr for using them too in a new class she is working on. Thanks ladies!


Oh goodness, how cute are Stanley and Mabel? Two twenty pound bags is alot of bird watching!
Smart to send everything to Sedona, so much easier than hauling it through the airport!
And thanks for the linkage, you are such a sweetie!
Oh, I want to be able to use some of your products. When can I get my hands on them???
What a novel idea -- cat TV!!!
As for errands and then something fun..I'm with you. It's one or the other, though I have to admit to preferring something "fun"!! ;)

hi there! products will be in stores soon, any day now! I'll have a big announcement on my blog for the release!

thank you for your interest!!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of "cat TV"!! It's also ironic that my husband and I call it that, too! I use to love watching my kitties perched upon the window, watching the birds! They loved it!

Can't wait for your products to hit my nearby scrapbook store!! Yeah!
Just reading your blog and everything you do makes me tired...but it sounds like you got a ton accomplished!
Thanks for sharing it all - and I so love the pictures of your cats - they are beautiful!!!
In this house the birds are dog TV, or dog chasing fun. I put the seed out and the dogs race down the garden when they can to make the birds fly away!
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