Today was flitted away tending to emails, phone calls and business stuff. I got some artwork done, but not as much as I would have liked. I hate that when that happens.

It was a nice reminder that all that business stuff is important when I noticed that Steve at Small Business Labs did a blog post about me today! During the phone interview last week we talked at length about how much time is spent actually doing artwork and how much MORE time is spent doing everything else! Click here to read the article.

Tomorrow they are testing the fire alarms all day in our building so I can't imagine I'll be getting much work done with that going on!. I am going to try to get up a little early to get something done before they start. I am worried about how Toby, Mable and Stan will react to the fire alarms going off all day. I need to give them little ear muffs!

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That's a great article! alarms all day? Talk about overkill! lol..Poor pets...they are going to hate that!
Great Article! You are definitely an inspiration!
I hope your critters handle the alarms well. I live near a USAF base and my cat used to get scared when the aircraft would fly overhead. Now that he is older these noises don't bother him at all!!! He sleeps on the porch and doesn't even bat a whisker...

BTW I saw you are teaching at Art & Soul in Hampton next year...I'm goint to sign up for 2 of your classes!! Can't wait.
i really enjoyed reading the are such a great role model for all of us "struggling artists"! thanks, always, for sharing your experiences with us!
Congratulations on the article! I'm currently setting up my business as well so I eat this stuff up! Off to read it...
Congratulations on the article. Your blog is fantastic. I subscribed to it. I am listening to the podcasts now. I am going to love listening to them all week. Great inspiration. I gotta check out your new product line too. Hey thanks for the recommendations on the books on your page. I ordered the one about creatives. I really needed that one right now. I love that you are on Twitter. Many blessings.
Hi Claudine....I just watched the feature you did on Martha last year....I was thinking of something fun to make for an entrance table to my brother's Wedding and I figure people would get a laugh with sitting pretties...I will surprise them with these for fun...

You are always a big inspiration...

I will post them once I have them done and let you know so you can pop by and check them out...

have a wonderful day!
Great article Claudine! Really shows you both as artist and businesswoman!

Congratulations on all the wonderful things happening for you!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!
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