rainy weekend
Yuck. It's going to be a rainy weekend here in DC. This morning (very, very early) I took Paul to Dulles airport so he could fly to Orlando and spend the weekend there. The roads are amazingly dark here in the morning. The George Washington PKWY looked like something out of Blair Witch Project, all dark with lots of trees, I expected a terrified camper to jump into the road any minute. No lights! What's with the no highway lights?! I was driving like a grandma in the rain and the dark and making everyone behind me on the road insane!

I have been struggling to get work done all day, it's so rainy and gloomy, it makes me so sleepy. I managed to get just about everything on my list done, and there's always tomorrow. I am working with my coach on that. being content with what I get done each day and not obsessing. There are only so many hours in a day! I am making progress. Slowly.

All I have on the agenda for tomorrow is a trip to a new hairdresser. I am worried about that a little. Hope it's OK. And of course now I have been watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover, I'm all going to be noticing all the things she points out in her show! yikes! The place I found on yelp has tons of great reviews so keeping my fingers crossed!

Then Sunday there's the Crafty Bastards show here in Adams Morgan, I am looking forward to checking it out. My neighbor down the hall is going to come with me, and my friend Tracy too!

A linky shout out to Dyan for mentioning my Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line on her blog. She was at Ranger U in June and got a preview of all the new products! Thanks for the great review!

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Love your rain lady Claudine!! But I'm sorry about the rain -- it can be depressing when it's dark like that -- and it does induce sleepiness. Hopefully it will brighten up over the weekend for all your fun activities. I think we're in for some rain this rained almost all summer and finally this week it's been glorious...we get what we get and it's what we do with what we've got that matters. Have a lovely weekend!
I go to bang salon for my haircuts. There's one on U street and one near the Verizon Center (Gallery Chinatown metro stop). In fact, I need to see them soon.

I'm going to Crafty Bastards Sunday too. It's my first time and it'll be exciting to meet all the bloggers/crafters in person
The crafts show sounds fun. Good way to spend a rainy day...
I felt the same way yesterday! Sleepy and blech! Luckily today we have sunshine a little! :) I've been checking out the Crafty Bastard vendors and I am more and more excited! I'm going by myself so I hope I'll run into you! :)
I'm reading your post a little late since it is already Sunday and I need to get myself in gear and go grocery shopping. I was laughing outloud reading about the DC area and no lights, especially the GW parkway. I have often compared the area to the Blair Witch project. Because - even in VA when you have lights you still can't see the lines in the highway. I too end up driving like a grandma - WAIT - I do have gray hair just no grandkids that i know of!
I soooo feel for you with the rain. It's been that way all weekend here in MA as well. At least it has brought the level of the pond behind the house back up!
Good luck at the hairdresser.....and I LOVE Tabitha's Salon She's the female version of chef Gordon Ramsy!
OMG! I totally want something like the Crafty Bastards here in NJ! What an awesome mix of crafters, food and entertainment.
I kept my eyes peeled for you at the show but never saw you. :( It was busy! Hope you had fun!
I recvd the 2 Home Companion mags from your blog contest. Thank you so much. Bubble bath and Mary E lined up for tonight. What a treat!

Sandi K

Your blog always makes me smile. I can feel your mirth. I hope you don't mind but I left a litttle reward for you on my blog. Its one of those jpeg awards. Thank you for a good read!
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