i wish i were a kid
Through my friend Lorraine, I discovered Glenn Echo Park. They have all these amazingly fun sounding classes!

Problem for me is all the classes that I want to take are for kids. There's this Claymation class, where you make a stop motion claymation movie - in one day! I can hardly contain myself I want to take it so badly! There's also a puppet class too but as far as I can tell they only teach to kids. So disappointing!


hmm... I guess you could sign up anyway and when they question you, say they didn't say overgrown kids aren't allowed. :)

Maybe it's just that they don't realize there's a market for big people to take such classes?
Just sign up and if it asks for age - put down the age you remember the bestest!
Oh there are many times I think it would be great to be a kid with all that is available to children these days!! And isn't it marvelous that these types of programs are available to children? We're keeping their creative imaginations ripe and flowing!
Oooh - you take me back - When I lived in Old Town I used to take my grandchildren to Glen Echo for the carousel rides and the marvelous puppet shows in the Old Spanish Ballroom. I also took classes there and they were wonderful - what an enchanting place it is
The claymation class sounds like a blast!!
This is when you borrow a child for the is how I got to see so many Disney flims...
how about pitching them the idea of teaching adults - cuz aren't we really just 'big" kids. I work at a science museum and we offer the exact same classes for our adults and they love it. Of course the instructions are a bit different, but the classes themselves are the same. Adults love to get back to "play" we lose that somehow when we go to work...

just an idea!

that's a great idea, maybe I will ask them if they will do the claymation class for adults. maybe if I could get enough people together we could have a private class!! ohh!!!
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I teach animation (clay, paper cut-out, hand drawn, etc.) to high school students in DC area. Let me know if I can help. It's great that you're interested in it.
Louise Hay, creator of Hay House Publishing, took her first art class when she was 70. It was a children's art class! So, hey, maybe you can sign up and try?
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