giveaway week begins!
I've decided this week will be giveaway week. Three random days this week I'll be giving away various goodies from my studio - one day will be a sample from my new product line with Ranger!

Here are the RULES for each give away.
To enter, just post a comment with the item you wish to be entered to win - don't forget to include contact information so that I can contact you if you win! I will select a winner, using the random number generator at

I will post the winner's comment and user name with the item that they won, so you can email me your address and I can ship your prize. Please note! I will ship your prize to you when I am able. It might not be right away. But it will be within a week of letting you know that you won.

Get ready! The first one starts tomorrow morning!

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That sounds wonderful Claudine!! Can't wait!! What a delightful way to start the week.
Hi Claudine -- I am SO excited about your sticky back canvas. I've tried contacting Ranger but they haven't responded about the date that it will be in stores. Would love to win it early! Love your work, your blog, your website, your books, etc.


yeah it's not quite ready to ship yet. Should be just a couple more weeks!

I am having to horde mine right now to use for magazine samples :( soon i'll have lots for giveaways though!!
I think your paints look amazing!!
I can't wait :)
Hey, who doesn't need new brushes??
love your work
hope I win
new products=new inspirations
Thank you for being so generous ;)
The paints look so yummy! I'd love to play with them. :)
robynvickers @
Love the colors you've chosen for your paints. Really inspired by your work. Thanks.

I so love working with paint- and use it on almost all of my layouts- there is no question I want to try your paint!!! Love your work!
Wow! Your so wonderful! I love your blog and read with my morning coffee every day before work! I love your paint colors!

Brian, a bear who crafts...
well, you know what a fan I am. And anything with your name on it, has to be amazing!
I love the artist bios in Home Companion. Would love to get a copy, as they're usually not a part of my budget.
Claudine - can we say WE WANT IT ALL?! Or do we HAVE to pick out just one! :)
Paint, paint, paint.... maybe a little paint would be nice. Thanks for the opportunity to win some "paint". Seriously, thanks!
I can't wait to get my hands on your paints!! Way to go, Claudine.
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