giveaway #2
Yesterday was a bummer of a news day with the stock market, so here's something to cheer you up!

Kelly Rae Roberts' first book. This is a great book loaded with techniques and inspiration. Kelly guides you along your creative path and demonstrates how she creates her signature paintings, so you can too!

She sent me this signed copy of her book just for you! Post a comment below if you'd like to be entered to win and I'll draw a winner at random at 9pm! weee!! This is fun!

EDITED: We have a winner! Ursula Shaw! You were #52 picked by the random number generator! Email me your address and I'll send it off to you next week. Thanks everyone for playing! I have at least one more giveaway this week to go!

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I am keeping my fingers crossed. This looks like a great book!
Oh, that book looks like pure inspiration. Would love to win it.
Oh, I would just love to win this! Thanks for having this contest!
Oh oh oh I have my hand raised and waving it high and proud! Pick me Pick me! I would love to add this book to my collection!
Hi Claudine! This book looks FABulous! I love it!
Oh, I've been wanting that book! What a treat! :)
...ohhhhh!!!! I would so much love to win this book!!! Since I saw it the first time, its on top of my wish list....;-)))
Please enter me in the draw, Claudine. Sounds fab!
Good Morning and I sure do hope I am picked! The sun is shining here in Michigan and it will be a great day!
Terry M.
I'm going to pray to the random integer generator gods that I win!! I really want Kelly Rae's book--she is so fabulous. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be inspired by her!
Internets are fickle! Haaa!
Have a lovely day!

j a n e
I hope Toby had a great walk! Please enter me in this giveaway! xoxo

Oh, I've heard so much good about this book! I'd love to have a copy of my own...!! :)

AnnaB in Sweden
Good Morning! I'm so excited to see this book in your cool giveaways! I was @ Barnes & Noble yesterday and saw it. Sticking to my budget I only purchased the book I originally went for but it was very difficult! Thanks & have an awesome day! :)

I would love to win this book!
Wow!!! What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you (I am glad your interner is back:)).
YAY!!! Sign me up!! This book looks wonderful.
Oh gosh Claudine, who wouldn't be cheered up by Kelly Rae's book -- it's inspiration personified!!! Thanks for offering the chance to win this ♥!
What a great giveaway!! I would love to win Kelly Rae's beautiful book! And signed? That is just the icing on the cake!!!
Got my fingers crossed!
This books looks so inspirational! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! (And signed... that's too cool!)
Wow, count me in. Looks like a beautiful and inspiring book.
Taking flight...this is so inspiring! Thank you to share this with your happy bloggers.
Bonne journée Claudine
oooh.. i would love a copy of this book (and it has nothing to do with wanting something to do other than writing my papers for grad school :)). what fun!
Oh...I love her style! Please throw my name in the hat!
Love to read your blog! Love Kelly Rae's style! Love to read this book!
I am a recent newbie to KRR and am interested in her techniques and what she has to offer. I'd love to have the book!
I've heard wonderful things about this book. I'm anxious to read it!!
I hear this book is fabulous! I would love to win. Thanks
Oh this looks like a fabulous, inspirational book. I sure hope I win. What a wonderful giveaway!!
Please throw my name in! Thanks.
Hi Claudine! Thanks for doing the fun giveaways. This book looks awesome!!
I have a piece of Kelly Rae's from Artfest - love her work, her creativity, her enthusiasm!
I would love to win this book! Jan R.
This is definitely on my wish list. I have heard great things about this book and Kelly Rae.
My feeling is that you gotta roll with the stock market - its a long term I try to not get too worried and distract myself with fun creative ventures. Thanks Claudine for the giveaways distractions...
Add me please!
I just started my visual journaling yesterday and am back in technique mode. I've been wanting this book - not sure I can wait until after the contest but I'll try. :-)
Oooo this is so much fun. What great prizes! Thanks!
What a wonderful giveaway...I've been wanting so badly to learn more about the art of collage and painting!
Hi Claudine,
I loved getting a peak into your new home. Thanks for all of your creative inspiraton. This book looks yummy!!
What an inspirational book. Thanks for the opportunity. I love hearing about your move to D.C., sounds like such a fun experience. I'll send some of this FL heat your way, just to remind you of home!
Maybe today will be my lucky day!



I love this style of art! Great way to reinvent.
I've been reading lots of great things about this book, so I'd love to get my grubby ink-stained hands on it!
Good morning! I would love to check out this book, I've been eyeing it. So, hopefully I get to see it soon!
I have been wanting that book! I would love to win this one!
pick me
would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the cool giveaways!
Ooh I would love this book.
Claudine, this is an amazing book! But I would like to say to you that I am huge fan of you, I love your work, I am also an artist and I am a collage lover too, thank you for your DVDs and books they are GREAT!!! I live in the D.C area too and I would love to take one of your workshops one day but I haven't seen any on this area in your calendar yet!!
Good morning, Claudine! Put my name on the tally... how nice of you!
I love giveaways! This looks like a wonderful book. Count me in too.
I have wanted this book and would love to win it from your wonderful blog.
Rebecca K. from Big Island
this looks like a great book!
Oh, man - I've been eyeing this book up lately - looks like awesome inspiration. Hope that I'm the lucky one.
Hi Claudine, this book is on my wish list - I'd love to win it. Thanks for the chance to play.
Oooooohhhh! I'd love to have this book!
Oh, me me! Pick me! I need some inspiration!
Thanks Claudine for the giveaways...what fun and inspiration. I've been eyeing this book off myself - so here's hoping.....
Cheers, Sue
this book looks like it is full of great ideas...what a fun giveaway, I hope I win! Thanks!
ME ME ME --- oh! Please thank you for the chance to win.
i soooo would love to have that book!! thanks so much for the opportunity!
Seriously want this book! If I don't have time to paint, at least I can read about it!
what a lovely book! i'd love to win! jessica
I've been hearing good things about this book and would so love to be perusing my own copy. Thanks for the chance to win ~~ Mary Lib from Florida
Oh! Oh!
I would truly love to win this book!
Kelly is so inspiring!
This book is on my Amazon wishlist! I recently discovered her blog and it's amazing. She is very inspiring.
Claudine, I have this book on my want list!!!
I'm another one that has this book saved on my wishlist. Count me in!
**keeping fingers crossed**
Hey Claudine!
It's Glo from Cortona '05. Remember the Tim Burton stripes in the duomo in Siena? :)Anyway I would LOVE to win this book.
FABULOUS! I've had my eye on this book! What a lovely giveaway, thanks so much for hosting this!
ooh! I've had my eye on that book! would love t win it from you!
I follow your blog and enjoy it so much. I remember the days when I was attending ArtFest and Art and Soul and you were teaching there a lot. Thanks for this opportunity to win this fabulous book that I have heard so many comments about. Nancy
The cover is darling, and I can't wait to read the book!

Annie from NY
I've been wanting to buy this book but haven't yet! Cool!! Thanks Claudine!
oh wow!! butterflies started fluttering when I saw what you had to giveaway today!!! I am keeping my fingers, toes, and anything else I can cross, crossed!
THis would be just the thing for me!! I am trying to get back into my crafting ways and would love some inspiration... especially with the cold weather coming. I'm sure I will be spending a lot of time inside.... :)
Please add me! Thanks!
jackie smith
I'd love to have my name in consideration for this give-away!
Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous book!!
Dawn @ (4:53 am)
Claudine, I think you are cool. And you have cool giveaways too. You are right. This is fun!
you have us hooked, now! thanks for the giveaways!
Such a cool book. I'd love a signed copy!
What a beautiful cover! I love butterflies on anything. Thanks for doing another giveaway!
It looks like a beautiful book. Count me in.
wow! exciting....count me in on this draw.

Shelly Atkinson
Nova Scotia
nice blog! I love it!
I hope I win! :)
I love having signed books, but having this one...that must really something! :))) Please count me in :)

Ohhh... I've been looking at this book for a while. I'd love to win one!!! Thanks for all the great giveaways!!
I would love to read this book. Thanks!
oooohhh...would love to win something!
this book looks fab!
Lori :)
This would be so fun to win! Thanks for the chance!
This is such a great giveaway! You rock for doing fun things like this!
Contests are so fun! Wow I have always wanted to learn how to paint. Her book looks GREAT! Pick me, me, me! :)
that was very nice of her to sign a copy for you to giveaway.
This book looks wonderful. Can't wait to see who wins. Thanks for having these drawings.
Oh, this is so cool. Pick me, pick me! :) Thanks for the chance to win!
Oh that looks like a fun book!
I LOVE your work..and I have always admired it. Hoping to someday take a workshop from you! Thanks for all of your inspiring work......and offering the book give away!!
Misti in FL
I've bever seen that book before, but it looks like it would be a great addition to the collection.

great website.
WAY COOL BEANS. Happy happies. Joyce
count me in please....
Ooh I would love to get my
hands on that book. Thanks,
and I loved the pics of your
new apt., so cozy!
Hi Claudine!
I love this artist's work, very inspirational. Would love to add this book to my library :)

I would be honoured to be placed in the draw for this fine book...I have been wanting this book since it's announcement...I love her work and I really love yours...
Oh, this book looks great. I can't wait to see the inside.
What a great give away! I'd love to win this book! I've heard it's wonderful. Although, I must admit that your book "Collage Discovery Workshop" remains my favorite mixed media book. It's practical, well thought out, easy to understand instructions, and great photos along the way.

And hey, you need to do some pet update photos! I really miss seeing lots of the kitties, especially.
Oh what a cool book! Love your blog and your stuff! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are settling into DC well! Jessie
Oh My Gosh....this looks soo terrific!! Count me in!!!
It would be so nice to get this delightful book!
- Diane
I love Kelly Rae Roberts work. And I am sure I would love the book.

Penny Raile
Oooh this looks great. What a lovely gift. :0)
Hey Claudine,
Loved the photos of your new apt. We miss knowing that your down here in FL, but are glad you have a great new space to call your own.

Anne Marie
I just looked at the book at the bookstore this past weekend, but I couldn`t buy it yet. I read your blog about everyday and enjoy it very much.
Oh I have had my eye on this! I love everything you do!
Would love to win!
Ooooh, what a TREAT it would be to "win"!! Kelly's work is so fresh and fun! Thanks for the share!! -Anna.
Fabulous Prize!!I would love to win!
What a wonderful give-away - I would love Taking Flight. Di
This looks like a fabulous book and a great title.
Oh, I want this book!
Oh, this is fun. Please enter me for this one as well! Kathy Eddy
What wonderful colors! It looks like it is full of inspiration!
count me in please. Inspiration is always needed.
Woooohoooo, that book is screaming at me: "Win me! Win me! Win me!" :)
What a sweet gesture! That's Kelly for you : ) I've not seen inside this book, but I sure would like to own it! THanks for the special offer Claudine!!
WOW That book looks awesome!!!!!! Would love to win it!!! That's for the chance!! Char
I would love this!
I love Kelly Rae and would love to have her book!
Sure would love this book!!
Needing some inspiration...
Oh, I love Kelly Rae's work. BTW, Claudine I'm a new reader and am loving your blog!
i've been waiting for this book. please pick me!!! =D
Awesome giveaway! Please put my name in the hat. Thanks. Tish
i'm probably too late. it's not 9pm here, but it is where you are. if you haven't picked a name yet, i'd love to be considered.
ooops I hope I'm not to late--looks like a great book!
i can't play, because like the radio station contests, i'm affiliated with "the advertiser". but i am totally ordering this book from amazon right now!
Oh my God, I would kill for this book. But seriously, I love Kelly's work and it would be just perfect to receive the book. I don't think I stand a chance though with so many comments ....
hi everyone! I'm closing this contest and off to pick the winner. I'll post the winner shortly. thanks for playing!!!
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