giveaway #1
For giveaway #1 I have two issues of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine. If you don't get this magazine you should!! It is chock full of great ideas for decorating and crafting. I use it as my "some day" magazine. Some day I will have a house or an artist's studio as amazing as the ones featured in here!

Just post below if you would like to be entered to win! I'll draw a winner at random at 9pm EST tonight!

EDITED: We have a Winner! Sandi Keene!!! Please email me your address and I will send you your prize! Thanks everyone for playing. Sorry I couldn't post the winner until this morning our internet in our building was out!

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Am I seriously the first person to comment? Haha, that's never happened before! Anyway, I am ALWAYS looking for new magazines... there is just something about getting a new mag in the mail that makes me giddy. Also, being in a one bedroom apartment outside of Boston makes most of these "home" decorating magazines a "some day" thing for me. It's nice to dream though. Thanks for the opportunity!

Samantha Piette
Wilmington, MA
That is so sweet of you! to arrange giveaways in you blog!!!

Would love to bethe lucky owner of that magazine:) We are building a new home, and I am looking for ideas everywhere:)

Mari Aartun
Myrtun 10
N-4352 Kleppe
love magazines!!
I've never had the opportunity to look at these magazines! Looks like they are chock full of inspiration!
Love her Mag. I'm with you I so want a studio and/or house like those pictured! Love all the neat people she showcases!

I've heard nothing but good things about this magazine.
Yes...count me in!
So generous of you!
I'm living outside US... (Montreal, Quebec) Am I available anyway?
I've looked through this magazine at the store. Love it. Thanks for doing this!!

giveaways are fun! great idea!
add me to the list.....thanks so much for offering this!

I'd love to be put in the drawing for this!!! THanks Claudine!!!

Mandie Segura
I'm from St. Louis and so is Mary Engelbreit. I love her stuff! Really looking forward to Scrap St. Louis where she will be a keynote speaker!!
This lady over here could use all the help that she can get!
Please enter moi...
This lady over here could use all the help that she can get!
Please enter moi...
I love Mary Engelbreit! She has fascinating things. I have seen the magazine once at my aunts and loved it. I get so many magazines so this would be fun to have.
Love where you live, I was born in DC, we were there 2 years ago for my dad's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery and it'd been 20 years since I had been there. Love DC.
What a great giveaway! I think my favorite card of all time is Mary's design of the child holding a lantern on his way to a barn with a special star in the sky - so poignant and sweet!
Would love to win the magazines -- I had just heard how wonderful the magazine is but haven't had time to get my hands on a copy yet ... (Welcome back to DC -- going to do any classes here?)

Count me in!
I've long been a fan of Mary Engelbreit!
ohh I hope I can win!! Pick me.. Pick Me!!
thanks for the chance to win--

I do not get these magazines but would love to give them a try!


Enter me to win! Yum!
yes - put me in for the drawing -- the mag looks like it is full of great ideas! {PS/ I am a DC native and live just across the line in Silver Spring --- i love seeing the city 'again" through your more pics pls!}

---Patti L.
love this magazine, but never seem to get around to reading it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Laura M
I love your blog and would love to get a magazine. Also, I told my daughter who goes to the University of Maryland at College Park about your post about Hello Cupcake and you have made her year. She's just a hop, skip and a metro ride away from it!
That's all I need is more things on my wishlist ;) Thanks for such a cool give-away. I look forward to the rest of the week!

I'm another DC native, now in MoCo, and defly miss the architecture. Love your art- and light-filled apartment!
I'd love to win a big dose of Mary Englebreit's happy images.
Cottage Charm on a Velco Strip, LOL! Doesn't quite have the Shoestring ring to it. Can't have tooo many mags. Happy happies. Joyce
ooooh!!!!!! I love Mary Englebreight! I wish we could get this in the UK!
Love your work, and now that I have found it, your blog!
Your blog is on my bookmark and I catch up every morning over here in New Zealand! We have just built a house and probably could have had another room added with the amount of $$ spent on magazines. I have never heard of "Home Companion" but would really love to add them to my collection! Thankyou!
hi claudine! I just registered for one of your classes in Hampton '09 and thought I would check out your blog...glad I did!
I cut out pics in this mag for inspiration!
I love this magazine and buy it occasionally as a treat for myself. Mary E and a bubble bath is a great way to spend an evening.

Thank you for sharing!
love love love give aways~~ and I love ME - thanks for this chance - take care!!
Add me to your giveaway !! Loved the photos last week of your place in DC..hope all is going well for you there.
Hi Claudine! Yay, love this mag and I don't have a subscription, so please enter me into your giveaway. Thanks! Muah!!!
I just read an issue for the first time...I love giveaways, so would love to be entered! -Kara
ohh please count me in !! and your apartment should be featured in this magazine its soo darn cute !!
I'd love to be entered! What a great magazine. :) Jessica
I love magazines that give decorating inspiration! Wonderful giveaway!
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I used to get this magazine and loved it. I agree with your "someday" approach to a life like that. That's my hope too! :)
OK this contest is closing! I am off to pick the winner with the random number generator!
Hmmm, so much to say. I've had to push all my artistic urges to a far corner for over 2 years. I'm in need of creative therapy but have been knitting socks - want to be designing and sewing but it's not as portable as socks.
I love to read this magazine. I had a subscription, but had to stop it. I try to pick up issues when I can...would be great to win .
I hope I'm not too late! I've seen this magazine on the blogs but have yet to see them in person. I dream of having my own house too!
oh what fun! please enter me in your drawings. kathy Eddy
I've only purchased one or two editions of this magazine, but I LOVE it! Mary's original artwork is worth the cost of the magazine by itself!

Thanks for this fun giveaway!
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