bye bye PC
This week my Dell laptop died. It can no longer boot XP at all -- I get is a black screen with a blinking cursor. Sheesh. Now my Dell desktop is limping along. This has been going on for a few weeks and it's getting very annoying. If you look at it wrong it freezes up, I have spent the last two hours just trying to get it to print DHL labels so I can ship some packages!

Our only working computer is Paul's MacBook. So that's it! We're making the switch! We ordered an iMac and it can not get here soon enough!! Yay!


RIGHT ON!!! we switched a few years ago. many less headaches!! it takes a month to get used to, but after that, it is so will love it!
Hurrah for you. I've never made the change, as I've always had a mac for my personal computer. But you won't regret it. Everything is better on a Mac, including Microsoft programs!

Now, what kind are you going for? I couldn't cope without my MacBook!

Good luck and have fun.

My Dell is going to be paid in full next month...and it is slowly dying.....never fails.
Yea for you girl!!! You'll love it! Kathy's'll take probably about a month to get used to it, but then you'll never wanna go back!

Which iMac did you get? I've had my 24" iMac for over a year now and I can't stand even getting on my old PC laptop, so my son's inherited it. ;) I'm spoiled now though with that 24" screen. I always have so many applications running at once and now I actually have room to have things running side by side. Plus the quality of the 24" is amazing! We had a 20" in the beginning, but the colors were not so was the first generation of the newest iMacs. We got them to switch it out for the 24" and I've been a happy girl ever since! My hubby calibrated the monitor for me and now the colors I see on the screen is what I get when I print. Yea! Awesome!!! :D :D :D


we got the cheapest which was a 20" I think. Our PC monitor is that size so we figured it would be OK. I wish we could have gotten the 24" but maybe next time!!
This is so ironic-my dell comp died on Sunday - but I got one of those extened warranty so it will be fixed and my work hp died within 24 hours of that!!!!

Please let us know how the transition to mac is! I am uber curious!
GOOD FOR YOU! You will be SO happy! I LOVE my MacBook, I would never get another PC! Unfortunately, have to use a PC for work though. :(
good for you...wise choice.
Little learning curve, but you'll master it in no time.
so happy you have joined the club!
I did the mac switch too, they're great!
You will love it - I just got mine last week - so if you need any tips on email, boot camp, etc. let me know!
Welcome to the "Mac" side, Claudine! You won't regret it! ;-)
congrats on switching to the Mac world...I think you'll be a much happier camper :)
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