apartment tour!
I took some quick pics of our apartment here in DC today and thought I'd share them with you!


View of the entryway!Artwork by Lynn Whipple above entryway table.


Our living room. I made a shelf for Stan to sit on top of the shutters using plexi. It took me two weeks to figure out how I would make the shelves so they 1) wouldn't hurt the shutters and 2) you couldn't see them. I used plexi and those removable 3M sticky strips. They worked out and he loves it! He sits up there almost all day.

Dress artwork on the right by Martha Lent. We arranged the whole living room around this artwork which is one of my prized possessions. This was the only wall there would be enough space for it. I love this piece!


View of the living room with the fireplace. Artwork on mantle is by Linda Norton. She sells on ebay +etsy and I love her work! Our very small TV. We gave our big TV to my parents when we left Orlando. Getting used to this one, but it is hard to watch subtitled movies on it.


Our living room other side. This is the side that you are supposed to put a tiny dining table but we decided since the space was so small to just make it all living room and not have a table at all. We never eat at the dining table anyway!

This yellow chair is Mabel's favorite!As you can see she is already on it and spends most of her day there.


The galley style kitchen. Artwork of Mable by Karen Derrico. I love how the EAT sign is positioned over the Mabel painting and Mabel's food bowls. Note they are empty because she eats everything up right away!

The last room is the Studio/Office which I already posted here. So that's our 700 sq feet of home here in DC. It's starting to feel nice and cozy and today was the first day that sparrows came to the feeders I put on the porch. yay!


Claudine, your apartment is so cute! And just like you neat as a pin. If I lived there, we would never be able to open the front door! Love you and miss you!
precious!!! love Stan in the window and the fat kitty pic in the kitchen. Super airy and light=lovely place
What an adorable space! So much character and you've decorated it so well! Love the rug. Is is painted?
your apartment is so warm and homey. love the shelf idea for stan to sit on. my favorite is the picture on the wall, are those cirlces photos?? way cool. thanks for sharing!

yes the rug is a hand painted floor cloth by Grace Wood Design ( We love it. Easy clean up and looks so good!
That plexi idea is GENIUS! Gorgeous space!
You've done nice things with such a small space.
LOVE that "dress" artwork. And it goes so beautifully with that great rug!
The plexi was an awesome idea too!

love your new place -and all the art work! hmmm, didn't see porch in the photos.... enjoy your haven! best to all,
Claudine, your apartment is adorable, and so colorful and art-filled. It makes me feel good just to look at all the wonderful things that surround you! Stan and Mabel look like they have totally settled in. And how nice you can walk with Paul in the mornings. Thanks for giving us a peek at your new nest!

...what a great place you made for yourselves!!! I love all the artwork you put in special places...,-)
Lovely place. Love your special artwork!
Thank you for sharing, your apartment is charming, just like you. Take time to enjoy today, love you, your art and blog. Peggy
This apartment is JUST as charming and cozy and delicious as your house was. It's YOU ! And your day to day life sounds completely wonderful and upbeat. I couldn't be happier for you ! And now you're so much closer to New Jersey too!!!I'm so happy you shared the pictures..I feel like I'm there!
What a beautiful flat. And how appropriate that you decorated around a piece of art! You'll get used to the tiny TV and it does have its advantages: I was burgled (twice - I don't want to talk about it!) but they left my tiny TV!

I'm glad you're feeling happier in DC. Moving is always hard.

good luck,
Just lovely! Makes me feel guilty for the way my condo looks at the moment (or half the year) -- you are inspiring me. I just need to pretend I am moving and get rid of some stuff. My look is more the Mary Engelbreit cozy cottage clutter. Thanks for sharing it is great what you have done with limited space -- you decorator you (reminds me Top Design!)
PS, Claudine - where did the "Eat" sign come from in the kitchen?
thanks for all the compliments everyone!

Karen - you are right I forgot the porch. We try not to go out there except to fill the bird feeders because I am paranoid the cats will get out!

Marlynn - I got the EAT sign from the Sundance catalog. I love it!
Your new home is just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful ~everyday~ in Washington.
Claudine, I love your style so much! Everything is so creative and inviting. Beautiful. :-)
Your place look beautiful and cozy :) And I love the dress artwork! Thanks for sharing.
Your new apartment is just gorgeous! Looks like you've settled in nicely!
Lovely and just quirky enough to make it fun! Can you tell me about the artwork on the fireplace mantle?
Your lovely apartment looks like you've lived there much longer. You've already imprinted it with your fresh, artistic style.

About your cats getting out the door to the porch, here's a suggestion that worked for us when our kitty started dashing out the door: put 10 pennies in a clean empty soda can, tape or tie a handle ribbon on it (you can pretty it up with fabric or paper too)and hang it on the porch doorknob. Shake the can just before you open the door. Most cats will hate the sound of this can being shaken (even gently) and will run away from the sound.

Pretty soon all I had to do was reach for the can and my escape artist kitty dashed away and was safe, no shaking even required!

It is a humane way to prevent a very dangerous escape. I think this suggestion came from pet expert Warren Eckstein on the Today show several years ago.
All I can say Claudine -- you, you, you -- enabler. I went directly to Sundance and ordered the EAT sign. OMG - it looks just too to die for! Thanks for letting me know where you found it.
Sooo adorable. You did a great job decorating. I LOVE all the art.
I love your home, it;s so cozy and bright. That dress artwork is to die for, love it!!
Yu are sweet kitty momma to create a wonderful perch for your cat.
Bunny - Artwork on mantle is by Linda Norton ( She sells on ebay +etsy and I love her work!

marlynn - glad you got the EAT sign!! I love it!

great tip about the kitties and the porch door. I will have to try that!
Very pretty apartment! Love the shelf idea for the kitties :)
The apartment is darling!
Love the stan shelf and mabel is an inspiration!
The art and rug are FAB, love your style!
So glad that it is feeling like home to you!
Beautiful! I envy your Lynn Whipple piece. You have a great eye for decorating! I am inspired to straighten up my messy apartment before the colder weather comes. Thanks for sharing the photos!
What a great place to call home! Your apartment has the same palette/feel as much of your art. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the tour!
Very very cute space. I miss my house with the hardwood floors and the cute built in shelves. That gress is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! Char
I love the paint color and the built in shelves. What a cozy home (especially with all the fur babies). You've done a great job with the place.
I am envious of how clean and organized your apartment is! Ahh...some day!! lol

Great space!


we were really lucky, the apartment was already painted these colors that match perfectly. I was so happy! All I did was touch up painting. yay!
how absolutely gorgeous Claudine, I just love how you arranged everything and the colours everywhere are just divine. Well Done :)
I love the wall colors (that yummy green!!), those shiny wooden floors and the way Toby sneaks himself into the picture!:o)
your new home is wonderful! love to see your kitty sitting above the shutters! tena
So cute, come and help me decorate my house!
Your home looks more settled and finished after a few weeks than mine does after six years!!! Beautiful space you've created... Enjoy!
Claudine, thanks so much for sharing your home with us. I read your blog daily and love your artwork, so it was a treat to see your new digs. The apartment looks so cozy and comfy, a place I would enjoy hanging out in. And ... it's great to see Stanley & Mabel so content in their new home.
Ann from NY
So adorable!! Love the cat picture in the kitchen....describes our old kitty to a T....
I amazed you've gotten this far this fast! So comfortable AND creative!
beautiful place. Do you have a bedroom? Or is it a one bedroom and the bed is the sofa?
Love the cheery colors.
Your appartment is so lovely. Thank you sharing with us
claudine, your apt is beautiful! i love how you have decorated! where did you purchase your rug? love it!
That is one amazing apartment. I wish I could call by, there is so much inspiration, I would be like a kid in a lolly store.
claudine, it's so awesome! I love all the little touches of red throughout the apartment... in the artwork, signs, furniture, flowers, etc.
What a great appartement with the same humor wich I see in your work, love it. Glad for you you also feel at home now. And the animals seem to have found there place also. Wish you all lot's of happiness in this house (and a somewhat bigger television)

what a lovely place you've got!
Oh so clean! The clutter fairy has not yet visited you.
VERY cute!

oops I forgot to post the bedroom, there are two. one for my studio the other is a regular bedroom. it's small!

Jenn - the rug comes from Gracewood Design, it's a hand painted floor cloth. love it!
lovely apartment and lovely decorating....would love to see closer pictures of the large painting by the door...and of the large painting with dress attached?

Very nice!
Thinking of you and just popping in to say hello! Hope you and Paul and furry friends are doing well. Your new place is VERY cute - I love it :-)

The apartment is adorable!!! I bet you don't miss this Florida heat. Oh, and I love the painting of Mable!!!
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