stanley in the studio
Here's a quick photo of a corner of my new studio in our DC apartment. Stanley loves to look out the window at the people walking around on the street below!


You can see the big flowers that I made out of my new Sticky Back canvas. I got the really tall glass vase from Target. It was made to be a votive holder but I like it as a vase! More photos soon. This studio is as ready as it will ever be!

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I just have to ask. Does Stanley bother the big vase? I can't have things that tall around my house, because my cats knock them over.

My cats think I'm a terrible owner. They never get to go into my scraproom. And they are locked out of the living room when the humans are asleep or away.

I can't wait to get some of the sticky back canvas. It looks like it will be a lot of fun.
Claudine, I just love your sitting poppets on the shelf! I know Stanley must love seeing your stuff come out of the boxes. Enjoy the time putting your new space together!
Yay! Looking good. Think of me when you look at your flowers!
It looks bright and cheery....and the little shutters are already have it so organized....good for you :)
It looks like you've settled right in--what great light you have in your new studio! And I adore the shutters (and Stanley peeking out, what a cutie!).
Just downright beautiful! I'm jealous. In fact while reading about your office set-up, I thought -- I need to pretend I am moving and start to pack up my craft room into boxes - THEN I need to move them into hall way -- AND then --pretend-- I have just moved in and see what I choose to go back into the room. I'm already tired thinking about it. Whew! I too love the shutters and dear Stanley peering out into the wild streets of DC.
So cute! Love the kitty. Oh yah, and I make hummus without lemon all the time, and it's still yummy! =)
I love those flowers. Please share some more ideas and video how to's with us.
it looks like your stanley is likeing your new studio! i am so glad to have found your blog...i have long loved your art, ever since i discovered you in Home Companion. i am going to add a link to your blog on my favorites!

lani :)
how do you like being back in DC? Looks like a cute apt. from this shot!
Your studio is sooo cheerful looking and I love love love those big flowers. I love everything flowers. Would you consider sharing how you made them? Please do. Either that or sell them... LOL LindaSonia're a whiz! Look how fast and how beautifully you pulled it together. You've inspired me to clean up MY room now !
Hi Stanley. (pet, pet, pet.) I love marmalade kitties.
What a treat to see your studio, and the seated, polite audience to your process on the shelves! Great photo.
Thinking of you! I'm glad to hear you're getting settled in your new place. I'm so excited to think of all the new adventures in your future.
Love the photo. Very cute! :) Can't wait to play with the Sticky Back canvas. Hopefully some of your creativity has been packaged with it! :)
What a lovely, airy space and what a handsome watch-cat to guard the poppets! Love it!
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