paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork
I have spent the last couple days readying my business to work in DC. Tuesday I spent just about all day pouring over the DC tax web site until I found and figured out everything I needed. I met with an accountant on Wednesday and she answered a lot of my questions and it didn't really seem so hard at that point. Wednesday night I applied for DC sales tax license and registered my business.

That's where it got sticky. Seems that my application went though fine but they didn't register me for the sales tax license which is what I really needed. In addition, now I have a Business Franchise Tax added to my file which my accountant said I should not have to pay. 3 phone calls to the DC Tax office and it's not figured out yet. I hope to get more information tomorrow.

Also here they have a personal property tax in which you are taxed on your private property for your business. Like your furniture!!! I have never heard of anything like that EVER! Taxed on furniture you already bought!? Apparently I shouldn't have to pay it because I don't have over $50k in furniture. Another reason to keep my cheap folding tables for my studio ;) But you still have to file it each year. I am still not clear on that quite yet.

The whole thing has given me a migraine for the last 3 days.

There was a bright spot on Wednesday when I met with my friend Lesley Riley who lives near DC in Maryland. If you are in the area she is having a big house sale with LOTS & LOTS of cool collage and art supplies this Saturday and Sunday from 10am -3pm. Email Lesley for more info and street address. I picked up a big stash of stuff that I just couldn't live without! YAY!


It's ironic isn't it? I left a job with a huge amount of paperwork (the whole job was paperwork) to pursue art. But I'm still doing paperwork!

Good luck with getting it all sorted. And congratulations on your stash of stuff.
I'm so sorry you're having such difficulties with the pencil pushers in DC. We're all having a closeup view of why Congress can't get anything done. Maybe you should drink bottled water, just in case.LoL
Yes, Claudine, don't you love personal property tax! We run a business out of our house in Maryland and every year we pay $300 in June and then after the assessment, we pay about $2,200 in Oct. It's not bad enough that you pay tax on the equipment or furniture when you buy it but also have to pay tax every year. Huge rip-off. I fume about it every year.

that is CRAZY. I know. we pay sales tax on it when we buy it. then taxed again! I can't believe it.

It does make me feel better that they do that in MD too. I was thinking maybe this was just a DC thing. Wonder if they have that in VA. Will have to research if we decide to move out of DC!
Yes, we have it in VA, too. I agree, total rip-off. I had a migraine for days when I was setting up the business I run! Just find yourself a good tax person who has worked there for a while and they should be able to guide you.
Hi Claudine,
hang in will all be ok. I saw on twitter you are having cereal for dinner. Nothing better than good old breakfast for dinner as comfort food - unless its macaroni and cheese.

Deep breath!
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